How to Repair Crawl Space and Home Foundation Problems?


If your crawl space has been causing you trouble for years, it’s high time you addressed the problem. The longer it goes untreated, the more costly and inconvenient it becomes. A damaged or wet crawl space may create structural damage to your home’s foundation, mold growth, and even pose a health risk. Contact foundation repair professionals near you for an in-depth inspection and cost-effective estimate, or browse detailed crawl space repairs in Mobile, AL.

A wet or decaying crawl space drainage system can result in excess moisture accumulation around the structure, combined with water leaking from your heating and cooling systems. Prolonged standing water in the area increases the average temperature of the surrounding air, which affects indoor air quality. This degrades both the building’s insulation and the ventilation system. The resulting dew may cause mildew, mold, and mildew growth, and significantly damage the structure.

Replacing Concrete:

Basement and crawl space repair costs related to foundation and crawl space repairs are significantly lower than those associated with typical concrete repairs. In most cases, all of the materials are available. The cost of such repairs does not include labor costs. Repairs include trenching, base drain replacement, and structural repairs.

Cleaning and Sealing Damp Walls and Doors:

Mobile homes are usually built with concrete floors. They are typically laid on top of a sub-slab of fill dirt or loose earth. Over time, concrete can absorb moisture and become a breeding ground for harmful organisms. When left unchecked, this condition can deteriorate and lead to structural damage, mold, mildew, and wood decay. Cleaning and sealing do not require the expertise of a licensed contractor.

Full Encapsulation:

Repairing and full encapsulation of a Mobile home’s foundation walls do not require the services of a professional contractor. Full encapsulation requires specialized equipment and high-pressure hot water. Contractors cannot perform the necessary repairs, maintain drainage, and maintain drywall and flooring unless they are fully trained and certified in the process. Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware that foundation wall repair requires the skill and experience of a licensed contractor.

Removal of Wet Insulation:

Mobile homes are often manufactured with inferior materials, which result in increased levels of condensation and water damage. This moisture typically contains bacteria, mold, mildew, spores, and pest infestations. To clean damp walls and restore interior moisture levels, it is necessary to remove existing masonry, drywall, and damaged floor joists. Once masonry is removed, it must be properly cleaned with solutions specifically designed for masonry surfaces. Drywall is also musty and must be thoroughly cleaned and re-textured before reinstalling drywall or covering with new sheet metal, fiberglass batt insulation, or equivalent exterior and interior materials.

If you live in the Mobile home community and are dealing with a mold problem, call a residential waterproofing and/or mold removal company today. These companies are equipped to deal with a wide variety of water, sewage, and condensation problems including basement leaks, crawl space seepage, and other water problems in commercial and manufactured homes. These specialists are also equipped with equipment and chemicals that can help solve many problems without the use of toxic products or unsanitary practices. These companies have certified contractors that specialize in the foundation, crawl space, and floor finishing systems. This ensures that your home will remain structurally sound and free of the many currents and future problems associated with these moist environments.


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