How to Remove Tree Stumps in a Better Way?


The removal of fallen tress is a quite easy process. However, removing the stumps is a different story altogether. The falling of trees mainly involves cutting of a tree. Tree stump removal takes more time and requires great technique in order to make the process faster and simpler.

There are several landowners who want to remove the stumps as they take up space, which prevents the installation of the structures. They are the eyesores for the lawn as well. However, the biggest problem is that they are hazardous and can cause injury when they are hidden under the foliage.  There are several stump removal methods which has been undertaken by the professionals. They use different type of equipment. Following are some of the popular techniques of tree stump removal.

By Hand

Tree stump removal can be done by hand whether it’s small or rotting.  Digging bars, chainsaw, an axe, pick mattock, chain with a vehicle is required for the removal of the stumps. A stump may not be seen, but its roots can spread to a good distance, and so sometimes it’s quite difficult to remove the stamps. The chain is tied around the stump and is connected with the vehicle that pulls it.


Grinding is the popular technique of tree stump removal. This equipment could be rented while hiring the professional. With the help of the hand technique, the old roots can be axed when the stones are cleared. A chainsaw is mainly used to cut the stump in order to make the grinding faster and easier. The grinder is difficult to use for the amateurs. So, it is a good idea to take help of the professionals from the rental company. The professional workers mainly charge between $100 and $200 in order to grind the stump.


Burning is the most cost-effective way to remove the stumps. This is a technique which can be applied to the regions that do not have access to the stump grinders. The holes of the stumps are filled with potassium nitrate. Firstly, the water is poured into the holes so that the chemical dissolves and the scrap wood is placed at the top before ignition. Burning of the drilling holes inside the stump ensures that it burns well.  The remnants of the removal are cleared. This allows the growth of vegetation in the specific area.

Use of Chemicals

The removal of chemicals is another technique you can opt for. This is also an inexpensive method. The stump takes time to break down.

The chemical potassium nitrate is filled inside the holes and around the stump. Next, water is poured into these holes depending on decay of the stump.  The stump becomes spongy and can be removed easily with the help of an axe. In order to facilitate rotting, the tree stump should be drenched with kerosene. They are kept wet for a week before axing. It should be burned in order to make removal of the debris quite easier.

When you are removing the tree stumps, you should take extra precaution to ensure your safety. The most important thing for you is to wear eyewear. You can also use protective gloves before starting the job. However, the best thing is to hire professionals for stump removal in order to get the job done in a perfect way.

You can also save money if you know which method to choose and do work yourself. There are different methods of tree stump removal which has been discussed above. All that you have to do is to decide the method you want to apply to get the job done.

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