How to Pest-Proof Your Home?


There are ton of pests in Arizona and one of the worst moments in someone’s life is when a person sees some bugs and insects in their home. Some bugs not only ruin the woodwork, but they are so irritating that you just want to get rid of them no matter what. The reason why we see pests, bugs, and insects in our home is that they try to find warm places where they can hide. In search of warm places, they end up being in our homes. There are ways to pest control the house. So, here are some tips you can use to protect your home from pests. These methods are very cost-effective and you only have to spend a few dollars to get a pest-proof home.


Keep your kitchen clean

First of all, what you need to do is to make sure your kitchen is clean. Keeping your kitchen clean helps you to keep the pests and insects away. Food is one of the reasons that welcome pests inside your house. They are automatically attracted when there are any leftovers on the kitchen floor or slab or counter. If there are any leftovers you see in the kitchen, clean them first. Dispose of them in the waste bin if no one is going to eat them. Otherwise, keep them in a container which you can cover.

Keep sweets in a container

Moreover, insects and pests are attracted towards your house if there are some sugar cubes or sweet things left. When you are working in the kitchen, make sure you are cleaning it again and again. If there is jelly, jam or peanut butter keep them in containers which can be covered and also keep them in a place where insects cannot access them.

Fill in exterior holes

Little holes and spaces are one of the reasons why you see bugs in your home. They provide an entrance for pests. So, what you need to do is to seal all those holes and openings that are harmful to you. Inspect the exterior of your house carefully. Make sure you are checking every corner of your house with an eagle eye. You do not want to leave even a tiny spot which can be trouble later. If you find cracks, then you need to seal them right away. You can fill the little holes with plaster or mortar. If you see broken bricks, replace them with new ones.

Check gaps in your doors

Now let’s talk about the garage and the doors inside the house. Apparently, you do not see any space between the doors, but have you checked thoroughly?  Get the tools and check carefully. You will be amazed after inspection that there are many gaps which provide an entrance to a party for the pests. But do not worry. There is a solution for everything. You can fill in the gaps quickly. One inexpensive way, so you won’t need to apply for title loans Phoenix, AZ, is to install a door sweep. A door sweep will fill in the gap and provide you a pest proof home.

Keep pet food away from bugs

If you have pets in your home, they can also be a reason to bring pests in your house.  When you give your pets food, they are likely to spill half of the food on the floor. And this is a treat for the ants and other bugs. To keep bugs and insects away from your home you can provide a space for your pet. Give your pet food on a rubber mat. A mat is an easy way to clean food. Otherwise, you can put the food bowl into a large bowl with water in it. Water will keep away the ants.

Check those damp places

You have often noticed that insects and pests are likely taking living in damp places. They love such places. Watery and moist areas are icing on the cake for them. Bathrooms are places which get wet often. Around the toilet seat and in the outer corners of the bathtub where you cannot reach, insects and pest are found. Just because we cannot access those areas easily the pests make those places their home. One way of sealing those areas is to apply caulk. This will prevent the places from pests and keep them pest free.

Install screens

Fresh air is crucial for humans. They need fresh air to feel alive. But most of us do not open the windows out of the fear of pests. But this is not the solution, not opening windows and sitting indoors and doing nothing. You can always install screens in windows and doors. They will keep them away and let the fresh air in your house.

A vacuum is a must

A vacuum is another tool which can help you in this matter. When it comes to sealing every hole and crack you try your best to do the job. But no matter how hard you try, there are always some cracks left, which are impossible to seal. When this happens, vacuuming is the solution and they are relatively inexpensive so you wouldn’t have to get a personal loan in Phoenix, AZ to purchase one. Get your vacuum cleaner and vacuum all these places. The vacuum will suck up all the insects which are hidden in the cozy places. You can later dispose of them in a big bag and then dump them in a waste basket outside.


Keep the outdoors clean

We all know how much it is important to keep everything clean. It is imperative to keep the indoor clean as well as outdoor. Most of us live in a house with a yard in it. It is an important feature of the house. We do not have enough time to clean it up every day, so we often do it on the weekends. A weekly cleanup is okay if you do not have time, but do not prolong it for months. What you need to do is when you are cleaning your yard is to trim the branches which are making ways towards your house. Bugs and pests use the extended branches and enter the house. If you see fallen leaves, gather them in one place and dispose of them. Also, you need to trim the grass too. You need to eliminate everything away from your house.

If you follow the above-mentioned instructions, you will have a pest proof home.

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