How to paint a wall?


 This article is written to advise you for your small crafts of daily life but also for big jobs. Preparing walls for painting, plumbing, electricity, do with them around the house! You will see: transform, improve, repair it, it’s not that hard! Painting a wall is as easy as a breeze. One detail: back off the corners with a brush to paint then stretch the small roller to ensure you avoid unwanted connections.


What you need:

– The masking

– A universal undercoat pot

– A paint can

– A large paint tray

– A small paint roller

– A brush

– A paint roller

– A pole

– A pair of gloves

– A pair of protective goggles

DIY lesson

– Equip yourself goggles and plastic gloves.

– After protecting the floor with a plastic tarp and baseboards with masking tape, remove dust and leach if necessary to repaint the surface. Rinse with clean water.

– Pour the primer paint in the bucket. Dip only 1/3 of your brush to prevent it from dropping. Paint all angles (wall-ceiling, wall baseboard, room corners) to brush. Smooth paint small roll. With the pole, paint the whole up and down the wall.

– Let dry 12 hours. Do not rush, it is important to respect the drying time.

– Pour your paint into the paint tray or use directly in the original pot.

– Paint the corners again with the brush then smooth the small roller.

– Dip your roller in tray and squeeze it on spin grooves provided for this purpose. This will prevent sagging and your overloaded roller leaves thicknesses on the surface.

– Wait for the complete drying of the first layer before passing the finish coat.

– When the latter is dry, remove quickly the masking.

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