How to Minimise the Time Taken for Eastern Suburbs Removals


Moving home is an overwhelming process at the best of times, and even with the help of an eastern suburbs removals company, it can be a very time consuming task. Fortunately, there are measures you can take in order to save time, money and stress, making the transition into your new eastern suburbs home easier for you and your family. After all, moving home is meant is to be an exciting experience that’s free of stress. Read on to find out three ways to minimise the time that eastern suburbs removals take.

Stay Organised

It’s essential to stay organised in order to minimise the time spent on eastern suburbs removals. This means packing up your belongings at least a month in advance. A last-minute rush the night before never ends well, so make sure you plan everything ahead of time in order to stay organised until your move is completed. It’s recommended that you have a detailed eight-week plan to make sure you and your family are on track with the moving process. Your removals company will be busy moving everything onto their truck on the day, so if you’re still packing your belongings while they’re lifting heavy furniture, you’ll be slowing down the process. This can also cost you extra money, as your removalists may need to wait around for you to finish packing. The easiest way to avoid this situation is to be organised and start packing your belongings up well in advance.

Ask Family and Friends for Help

When moving house, it’s important to have all hands on deck. Moving furniture, boxes and other items can take a considerable amount of time, but this time can be reduced if you have a few extra pairs of hands helping out. It’s also important that you don’t carry too much weight at once, as this can result in injuries to the body. For example, if you need a couch moved, have three or four people lifting it together. This will spread the weight evenly and make the moving process a lot more effective and efficient. Don’t be shy to call family and friends for their help. To sweeten the deal, you can offer them an incentive for their time and energy.

Book Removalists in Advance

When moving, it’s essential to book removalists in advance. Booking eastern suburbs removals with little notice can delay the process. If you’re planning to move on a weekend or a public holiday, make sure you book your removalists at least a month in advance, as finding someone on these dates can be challenging. It’s also important to provide clear instructions so your eastern suburbs removals company knows the details of how your furniture should be transported and where it needs to go.  This will help save time, as the removalists will know exactly where to place your belongings in your new home. By taking these steps, you can greatly reduce the time taken for eastern suburbs removals.

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