How to make your home safer for your children?


If you are a parent, you should know how important it is for your home to be safe, especially for your children. It should reflect heaven, a place where they can freely move around and do their everyday activities. If you are at least a bit worried about your home safety, there are plenty of things which you should do and check in order to make sure your home is safe for toddlers. Listed below are some of the things which you can do to ensure their safety inside your safe haven.

Protect them from scalding

Bathroom is for many reasons among the most dangerous places for your toddlers. Many children worldwide ended up drowning when being left alone in the tub by the careless parents. Never leave your toddler alone in the bathroom, especially in the tub. Also, make sure your hot water is set to a maximum of 120 F, or your children could get scalded and suffer severe injuries. Make sure to always test the water temperature before letting your children inside the tub. Also, once you are done using the bathroom, especially after taking a shower, make sure you leave no water on the floor. If the floor becomes slippery, your toddlers might fall and injure themselves. Be super careful when it comes to bathroom. The same thing applies while being around fiberglass pools; be extra careful for the edges are a dangerous place for a toddler, especially when slippery.

Watch for the windows

Every year, more than 5,000 kids end up being driven to the hospital because they tumbled out of a window. It is especially important to know that toddlers could also end up strangled by the window cords on blinds and shades. Therefore one should know not to place such windows or blinds inside a baby’s room, and should distance all the furniture from the windows in the living room and other rooms around the house. Also, you can install window guards to make sure your toddlers cannot reach the open window, or window stops to prevent windows from opening more than 4 inches on all upper-level windows. By doing so, you will prevent your children from peeking through the windows and save them from potential peril.

Test for radon

Radon is a powerful yet dangerous gas which is found in many homes around the world. It is a radioactive gas released once the uranium breaks down in ground and soil, rocks and water. Radon is the leading cause of cancer in nonsmokers, and the only way to know that radon is present is by testing your house to its exposure. For more information about radon and its dangerous effect on household, contact your local radon office.

Fire is always an option

Every time there is a residential fire, children under the age of 5 are the ones with the highest chance of suffering severe injuries and in worst case scenarios, death. That is way you should have proper fire alarms installed, and other fire monitors inside your household. Also, do not keep in your basement anything that uses gas as its main source of fuel for it might lead to severe problems and explosion.

Watch for poisonous products

Lock up all products that are potentially deadly. This goes for medication, cleaners, and caustic cosmetics. Also, remove nail polish, perfume, bath oil, mouthwash and aftershave from toddler’s reach. Every year, more than 1 million kids are poisoned from ingesting common household items. Do not let your toddler be among them.

All of these above mentioned things provide additional safety for your home, thus creating a healthy environment for the toddler. It is your child, and it is only normal that you want the best for it.

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