How to Make the Most of Pillow Inserts


Whether you’re trying to save money or just feeling creative, pillow inserts can help you get some fantastic throw pillows that are custom designed. Sewing up a new cover for your pillow is easy. Choose a durable yet beautiful fabric that will resist being frayed after a few years of use. Often, the kids and pets will lay on them, toss them around and use them in the floor to watch TV.

Personalize your Throw Pillows

When you’re ready to create your own personalized throw pillows, purchase your pillow inserts in the proper sizes. You can mix and match. Buy a larger size, a smaller size and then several bolster shaped pillow inserts. Find a nice flat area to work and a good pair of sharp scissors. Just cut the fabric squares out about 1 inch larger than the pillow insert. Lay the right sides of fabric together and pin them so they don’t move around while sewing. Now sew three sides using a sewing machine or you can do this by hand. Turn the fabric right sides out and insert each pillow, then sew that last seam.

How to Choose the Right Fabrics

These days, you can let your creative side shine since many fabrics and colors are acceptable to use together. If your pillows will be used a lot, heavy duty fabrics are a must, but if you don’t have kids, then an elegant silk fabric will bring lots of charm to the room. It’s also okay to mix patterns. Try fabrics with geometric shapes combined with stripes or floral designs.  Remember that some designs will require you to get the main objects on the fabric right in the center of the pillow. If a fabric has large, ornate daisies, then choose one you like, mark the center with a pin and measure out to the edges. Be sure to include seam allowances.

Versatile Pillow Inserts

Pillow inserts are versatile and easy to use when you need new pillows for holidays. You can make pillows for Christmas, Easter, birthdays or Valentines. You can also craft beautiful pillows for every season, from spring to winter. If you enjoy craft projects, then this is one that can save you lots of cash and give you that designer look for a small investment. Sew up beautiful pillows to give away as gifts and you’ll be everyone’s favorite gift-giver.

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