How to Maintain Stone Paving


Over the last few years in the UK, natural stone has become incredibly popular for driveways, landscape projects and more. Homeowners are starting to realise the benefits of installing natural stone paving in their premises, they don’t only look good, they are also highly durable and easy to maintain. Here are some tips to help you keep your stone paving properly maintained.

Step 1

If you’ve recently had a natural stone patio or driveway installed in your home using stone pavers in Clacton on Seaor the surrounding area, they may have discussed the importance of regularly maintaining the feature. If you neglect to maintain your patio or driveway, it starts to get damaged and lose its visual appeal. You should regularly sweep debris and other compounds off the pavers, especially if you’ve experienced a storm or other bad weather. Make sure to use a robust yard brush and remove items such as leaves and other substances.

Step 2

Use a hose to thoroughly clean your paving stones after you’ve swept away all the heavy debris that has accumulated on your paving. If you’ve a power hose in the garden, don’t use it on the paving, it can damage the natural sand and cause it to become weak. A normal garden hose is enough to clean the paving without using a powerful cleaning unit. Spraying them with water will help to remove any of the dirt left around after you’ve swept the area.

You’ve can use a pressure washer to clean the crack in between the paving, but it is recommended not to use a power hose to clean every inch of the feature. You can adjust a pressure washer, so it doesn’t blast away the sand on the paving, it is advisable to clean away moss or stubborn dirt with a pressure washer while leaving the power hose for other tasks.

Step 3

If you’ve installed a driveway using natural stone paving, you may notice oil on the surface emanating from your car. These types of stains can be difficult to remove and often require a bit of elbow grease. You can mix a solution together using warm water and detergent or you can buy a specialised cleaning solution from your local hardware store. Most of the stains you’ll encounter should come right up, be persistent and give oil stains additional attention.

Step 4

Make sure to inspect your paving every 6 months to ensure there aren’t any cracks or chips, if you notice any problems, and you aren’t comfortable fixing them yourself, there are plenty of companies who offer maintenance services. It is best to call the contractor who laid the paving, they generally have technicians who can alleviate the problem.

It is vitally important to maintain your natural stone paving as often as possible. Make sure to regularly sweep the area with a yard brush and clean away stubborn stains once you notice them on the paving. Inspect the paving at least every 6 months to ensure there isn’t any damage which requires work.

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