How to Jazz Up An Old Bedroom


It is said that we spend about a third of our lives sleeping. If that is true, then it would follow that we would spend a good portion of our lives in the bedroom.

More than just a place for sleeping, the bedroom also serves as your private space. Thus, it is a venue where you can freely express yourself through the décor. After all, it’s only natural to want to personalize a space to your satisfaction when you come home to it at the end of every day.bedroom

Refurnishing your bedroom might seem a bit daunting since it can be quite costly to hire a professional to do it, but there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to jazz up your old bedroom on your own. These can not only help you save money, but they can also stimulate your sense of creativity as well:

  • Repaint your bed frame. This is one of the fastest ways for you to make a significant change in the look of your bedroom. Wooden or steel bed frames are best for repainting, and you can choose a shade that mirrors the current season (e.g., green or yellow for spring, red or orange for autumn) so you can change it more often. Just be sure to lay out old newspapers on the ground before you begin repainting so that you don’t stain the floors.
  • Install some new shelves along the walls. These will help you store and organize your stuff better, and can free up some space in your bedroom. You can also make the shelves look decorative by choosing a set with a lovely wood finish or so, depending on the theme of your bedroom.
  • Get a new rug or carpet for your floors. A snazzy new rug can instantly brighten up the room and can help change the look of your overall theme.
  • Customize your dresser. Apart from repainting it (you can even match it to your newly repainted bed), you can also try using stencils in tasteful shapes to apply brightly-colored paints as an accent. You can also change the ordinary knobs of your dresser to ones that have more interesting shapes, colors, or finishes (e.g., matte, shiny, etc.).
  • Repaint the walls. If you are looking to completely overhaul the look and theme of your old bedroom, then applying a fresh coat of paint in a completely different and more vibrant color is a great first step. You can also try painting different shapes such as stars or trees on your new wall or if you aren’t too confident about your drawing skills, you can simply resort to using stickers in the shapes and colors of your choosing.
  • Do a thorough clean-up afterwards. Cleaner bedrooms are always a big improvement, so you may want to fetch the vacuum cleaner to get rid of any old dust bunnies and cobwebs.

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