When it comes to blending beauty and perfection, vinyl plank flooring provides the best performance in an affordable way.  You can use some simple steps to install the vinyl plank floors yourself with less hassle and simple tools by following our directions.  The elegant and highly flexible vinyl flooring makes your home look precious and elegant. Vinyl plank has set a new standard with the introduction of resilient planks and tiles with a brand new floor manufacturing technology. Nowadays, vinyl plank floors have raised the standards of millions of homeowners with remarkable innovation.

These techniques that we are going through make it easier than ever to put in a new floor all by yourself with the minimum tools. But this is a project that needs a little care and you cannot do it in a rush to spoil the tiles and their layout on the floor. The vinyl plank floors are designed for ease of installation, but like all projects, you need to take your time to get the best results.

Checklist Before You Start Installation

As we know that vinyl plank floors possess the best attributes of flooring systems that are used in the modern homes today. They have improved over the years and durable features are great for your domestic needs. You can install them in your basements, bedrooms and even bathrooms. We will show you some simple steps on how to install vinyl plank flooring in your house without hiring expensive masons. But before you install it, keep a few points in mind:

  • Have you got enough of your chosen floor to cover the area?
  • Have you got some extra space for wastage caused by edges and corners?
  • Make sure again your subfloor is dry and clean.
  • You do not need any extra or elaborate tools and equipment; you will only require a sharp knife and vinyl. You will also need a saw for cutting wood.
  • Before start installing, make sure that you have these basic tools and Vacuum the surface carefully so that it is absolutely clean and free from debris.
  • The direction of laying your floor matter, check the product description carefully before installing it.

Simple Steps to Install the Vinyl Flooring

Just imagine how easy it is to install the vinyl plank floor smoothly on any leveled surface.

  • To connect your planks, just angle one plank and slightly and slide the click locking strip of the plank under the adjacent plank
  • Check how many rows you actually need. The planks can be loosely paid across the room. You should make sure that   that the final row  is not narrow to cut easily
  • you should start your first row of plank at least 8mm to 10mm away from the wall
  • Press it down to lock the two plank strips, just angle, slide and lock.
  • Create a watertight seal between them, when it is necessary to trim the planks to fit around objects in the room, all you do is just measure the space and mark the plank.
  • Snap the plank and you will find vinyl plank so flexible to work with. You can enjoy a beautiful new floor in a few hours of hassle free efforts.
  • Only short pile that has been glued directly to a wooden sub-floor. Do not use an underlay. Once you are finished, a molding will cover the expansion gap.
  • You can reposition your floors until you have the perfect fit.
  • Gilded installation is best in the large rooms and use double faced duct tape for the semi-large rooms.


What more can you ask from the best type of wood with lasting durability for your floors? These floors have got remarkable noise resistance. Vinyl Floors look like real wood and they can be lay directly over your existing floors with just a little effort as we saw above. Therefore it is the most affordable and reliable material for installing in architectures highlighting elegance and pure cohesiveness.  You can give them an even better look with rounded edges. The advanced technology is durable and strong for covering the imperfect floors underneath them. With less preparation, get the best results with vinyl flooring planks and enjoy the fun of self-installation.   

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