How to Hire a Reliable Window Replacement Contractor


As a rule, windows replacement process is a relatively easy process, but not proper windows installation may lead to lots of problems like air leakage and loss of energy efficiency. Some windows manufacturers also have an installation warranty, which means that it might become void in case you install the windows wrong or do not use a professional window installer.
According to the statistics in most cases, you will be required to hire a professional window company Atlanta for a proper installation. It means that finding the right contractor is a very important issue, this is why this article will be of ultimate use for those who have never had any deals with any window company.

Research options ahead of time

The most important thing in the process of window replacement is to find out what exactly you need before actually hiring a window company. There are many companies in Atlanta who specialize on only one type of windows this is why it is essential to know all the information about new windows in advance.

Get at least three bids

Professionals in window business advise to get several bids from different window companies in order to have a possibility of a choice. Remember, that a bid should include not only prices but also detailed specification of what materials and products the company will use. Also clarify if the bid includes the labor and materials costs in the price. Every bid should also include the start and finish dates.

When choosing the best bid for your windows replacement project try to choose the most specified one. Also make sure that all the points there are made according to the applicable laws in your area.
Read the contract’s fine print

The warranty issue is extremely important in case something goes wrong during the process of new windows installation or use. According to the experts opinion, a regular warranty warranty for windows should typically be at least 10 years. A great advantage will be if your window company offers you some kind of workmanship warranty lasting for at least two years.

Verify references

All professional and reliable window companies will be glad to provide you with there references. Ask for them with no hesitation. You should get three to five references and contact these people in order to find out their personal opinion about the company you are planning to hire. The best idea and possibility to for you is of course to talk to those people in person and to look at the results of work of a particular company. In case some contractor refuses to provide you with references, professionals advise to forget about this particular one and move on, because it means that his company has something to hide from you.

Always check the license

And the last but not least important thing that you should verify, according to – a company offering replacement windows in Atlanta, is the license of your possible contractor. All professionals do have licenses not only because it is a requirement from a customer or government but because it shows that his company satisfies all the standards of labor and quality of work set in the industry.

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