How To Find The Right Coworking Space In Malaysia


Malaysia’s coworking community is a diverse and successful one with the number of these little communities growing substantially. Forget holing up in one of the city’s numerous cafes because you can find great Wi-Fi and refreshments in any one of these locations. Moreover, the community vibe that is found in your local coffee bar is also a part of these little enclaves.

Unlike your local coffee bar, the coworking community is comprised of distinct individual communities where members determine the culture and identity of the space. However, finding your space in a place where coworking is increasingly defining modern work can be difficult. Businesses can benefit from a range of spaces that take you into the prestigious coworking space – Servcorp MY in Kuala Lumpur’s CBD or the trendier places around the city.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the ways in which you can find the perfect coworking space.

Use Online Search Tools

To get a feel of the coworking landscape, businesses should do a precursory review of the internet to see what comes up in Malaysia. Type in the keywords “how to find the perfect coworking space,” and a list of titles should come up. Many of these sites can give you a comprehensive guide to the different spaces in your location.

Then, websites like are great tools for locating workspace. More importantly, this site can be a great resource because it has podcasts related to just about any relevant coworking topic. This is just one resource businesses looking for a place to call home can visit.

Pay Attention To The Culture

After selecting places to visit, consider asking space managers to work in the space for an afternoon. While some might decline, others are amenable, and this is the opportunity for you to see how the space works. The primary purposes of coworking is to find suitable workspace, but there are other numerous benefits to adopting this popular workstyle. One of them happens to be the chance to surround yourself with a diverse group of professionals, all who define the space. This culture will a big part of providing a platform for your business.

Make Sure The Space Meets Your Needs

Another important task involves making sure that the space actually meets the needs of your venture. Key features to look for include a platform for meeting experts and other professionals, flexible working hours, and basic tools needed to function in a traditional office (copier, printers, computer and internet access). Ultimately, to leverage all of the possibilities of the coworking space, businesses need a space that can cater to their business’s needs.

Pay Attention To The Events Calendar

The events hosted by the space are your connection to the coworking community and the greater business community. Conferences, networking events, and other affairs are ways to galvanise the coworking community and a way to create traction for your venture. Ultimately, the collaboration and other opportunities are born of the footwork of networking.

Location Does Matter

Then, look for the right location because it does matter. The closer to the resources and people you need to work the more convenient and easier it will be to accomplish basic tasks. For some businesses, working closer to the CBD matters, and you will find a number of affordable options in the city. Conversely, if your business does not need to be centrally-located, consider a place in a trendier part of town.

Looking For Coworking Space In Malaysia

Coworking Malaysia is filled with reasons why shared space is a wonderful way to grow a business. Within this community, businesses will find so many useful tools and resources. Moreover, they will find a place to nurture their ideas while making important inroads into the business community.

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