How to Do Your Home Addition Right


If your home is beginning to feel a little too small for your family, don’t move on — move walls! Expanding and changing the boundaries of your home can give you the house that you’ve always dreamed of without forcing you to give up the home you’ve treasured for years. In many cases, it can be the most cost-effective way to gain space. It can improve the value of your property and improve your quality of life, and you won’t have to worry about the expenses and stresses of a big move.

Of course, home additions aren’t completely foolproof. You’ll want to pay attention to potential pitfalls and take important steps to ensure that your home addition is done right. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin planning your home addition.

Prioritize and budget

Home additions can be cost-effective, but that doesn’t mean that you should throw money around without a care in the world. Making the right changes means knowing what you want and spending money in the places that will take you closer to your goals. You may or may not find that you can get everything you want done within the budget that makes sense for you. If you need to make cuts, you’ll want to have a list of your priorities prepared so that you can make an informed decision.

You’ll also want to be conscious of how certain improvements may affect the resale value of your home. The most cost-effective choice in the long term could be to invest in such key upgrades, since you’ll essentially be building your wealth by making an asset you own (your home, of course) worth more. Find smart ways to save!

Pay for the right contractor

One place where you certainly will not want to skimp on your budget is your contractor hire. When you choose a contractor, be sure to look for licensed and insured professionals. Go with contracts that get good reviews from friends, family, and online reviewers. Look for accolades and certifications from organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Interview a few contractors before settling on your choice.

If you try to save money by hiring unqualified contractors, you’ll pay in other ways. You could end up with shoddy work, and you could even end up paying more due to inefficiencies or new repair needs that crop up because of the bad work, explain reputable general contractors Northern VA. Be smart, and get things done right the first time — it may seem like you’re spending more money, but you’ll actually be saving some!

Being smart about hiring professionals also means you need to recognize the limits of your own DIY skills. If you’re handy around the house, that’s great — but you should strongly consider getting pros to handle a job as big as a home addition. You have to live with this work, and you want your home to be safe, so it’s best not to take any risks.

Consider the style

The reason you take on a project of this nature is usually to gain more space, but there are other things to consider, too. You’ll want to be careful about how you design your home addition, because an incongruous addition can make a home look downright silly.

Consider matching the style of your addition to the style of your home. Really work with the contractors to plan out the shape and size of your new space to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm your home, devour your yard, or stick out awkwardly into space.

If you’re looking for a home with bigger space, consider adding an addition to your current property. While it may seem like a big undertaking, with the right budget, and the right contractor, your project is sure to be a success!

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