How To Decorate A Small Balcony?


A small balcony is definitely better than no balcony. It gives you the chance to spend some time outdoors enjoying a cup of coffee or reading a good book. So, you should try to decorate it in the right way to get the most of the space available. Here, you will find some useful tips of how to decorate a small balcony and thus make it your favorite spot for relaxation.

  • Get the most of the space available. No matter how small or big is the balcony, it should be decorated in the right way to use every inch of the space. So, since you will for sure have a place to seat on and relax, you should consider getting some chairs or some sectional sofa in accordance with the space. A corner sofa is perfect choice to fill in an empty corner space. Or you can also have some folding chairs and a table, that you can easily fold them up when you don’t need them.
  • Decorate with some planters. Just like a garden cannot look great without any flowers, a balcony shouldn’t be left without any planters. Flowers will definitely beautify the balcony and they will of course bloom well since they will get the needed amount of natural light. You can have some planters on the table, on the balcony floor, hang some on the trail, or maybe choose some vertical planters which are actually perfect choice for tiny spaces.
  • Wooden flooring – Your balcony design can also feature wooden flooring. This will definitely add a warm touch and you won’t even mind stepping barefoot there, which is not the case with concrete flooring. It will look great in combo with some wooden chairs and a table.
  • Make it as cozy as possible. Your balcony should be your favorite spot for relaxation, so you should make it more comfortable. Add a tiny rug on the floor, some extra cushions on the chairs, or pillows on the sofa. You can also have some blankets, to warm up yourself when it’s a kind of chill.
  • Add some lights. Lights are also a must-have for the balcony, so that you can spend some time at night. This could be a simple lamp, or maybe you can have some string lights to create a romantic mood.

A small balcony can be as good as a big one if decorated in the right way. The above tips are definitely some of the best ones you can follow, so hopefully you will find them useful when decorating your balcony.

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