How to Decide between a Carport Vs a Garage?


If you are passionate about your car, then we are sure you feel like taking care of it like a baby and want to protect it. The primary consideration for your vehicle is to protect it from external environments and for this purpose, you can either get a garage or a carport. (can be difficult to decide) A lot of people think that they are the same thing, and they serve the same purpose. However, they differ to quite an extent, especially regarding factors such as the time taken to build one, the money involved, and the vehicle’s security.

Now the question arises how do you choose what to get – a carport or a garage? Making a choice can get a little challenging as both have their own set of pros and cons. Deciding does take considerable time. Here we have listed the difference between the two, highlighting intricate details about them, and by the time you finish reading the article, you will have got your answer.

Firstly, there are some considerable differences in their structure. A garage is a closed structure that has an entrance for your car to enter. When you park your car in a garage, it is hidden from all sides and is entirely out of sight. On the other hand, a carport only has a shed to protect your car from the rain and sun and it is open from all sides. The roof of the carport is supported by pillars and is not enclosed by walls.

Pros Of Carports

  •           Carports are relatively cost-efficient, whereas you may need to invest a decent sum in building a garage.
  •           A carport can be built from a wide variety of materials whereas there are limited options for garages.
  •           If you are a DIY-kind-of person, it will be very convenient to build a carport independently. For a garage, you may need some professional assistance.
  •           The time required to build a garage is greater than the time needed to erect a carport.
  •           The local authorities may not raise questions if you build a carport on your property but they may do so if you plan to build a garage.

Pros Of Garages

  •           Compared to carports, garages tend to be more versatile.
  •           Since the garage is closed locked from all sides, they are theft-proof whereas this is not the case with carports that are open from all four sides.
  •           Garages aid in parking cars and provide space for storage of other tools and household stuff. Carports do not offer such a space.
  •           A garage is more durable and has a longer lifespan than a carport that is a fragile structure.
  •           Garages offer 100% protection against all the elements, including wind, rain, sun, or anything that may cause physical harm to your car.

These are a few facts however you should remember to check your requirement and weather conditions when choosing between a carport and a garage. If you live in a place that experiences heavy rainfall or strong winds for most of the year, you may want to opt-in for a garage. However, if the weather is not an issue and you want only the basic protection for your car because of a shortage of space, time, money, and energy then a carport may be a better option.

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