How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Property


There are many reasons why you may choose to install a fence around your property. If you have children or pets, having a fence is a good way to ensure that they stay on your property. You may also want to add a fence to your yard for privacy or to use as an architectural feature for your home. There are many types of fences from which to choose, but yours should be the best option for your house.

Selecting a Fence

When it comes to selecting a fence for your yard, you should begin by determining why you need the fence so you can figure out what type of fencing you should have installed. If you want to contain a pet in your yard, then a timber or chain-link fence should be sufficient to do the job. However, if you want a fence for privacy, then a timber or vinyl fence is usually your best option.

Consider Maintenance Costs

Along with the cost of the fencing and the installation, you need to consider the maintenance costs of a fence as well. If you do decide to install a timber fence, you will have higher maintenance costs because it requires more work to keep it looking nice. It will need to be either painted or stained to protect the wood from the heat of the sun, moisture, and to keep it from cracking or splitting because of changes in the weather.

Check Regulations

Before buying and installing a fence, make sure it meets local standards for fencing type and height. In most areas, fencing in Perth cannot be over one and a half metres in height. However, if your home faces a main road, you may be allowed to erect a fence that is two metres tall. In addition, if you have a heritage-listed property or have a corner lot, then there are other regulations regarding fences that must be met.

Finding the Best Contractor

Although you may be able to install a fence yourself, you should hire a contractor to ensure that the job is done correctly. Depending on the type of fence you buy, post holes may need to be dug and then the posts concreted to make sure they remain standing through high winds and inclement weather. They will also make sure the fence is straight and does not stray from your property line if the fence is being installed between your house and a neighbour’s.

Do Not Overlook Aesthetics

A fence that looks good can help enhance your property and even raise its value, so an aesthetically pleasing fence should be considered when selecting the style of fencing to be installed. A timber fence can look nice if it is well-maintained, but a stone or concrete fence with infill panels can give your home a more modern look.

You may need a fence for practical purposes, but that does not mean it has to look boring and bland. Choose a fence that enhances your home as well as one that fulfils its purpose.

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