How to Choose Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture


The capital town of Queensland, Brisbane, is a beautiful and widely-known multicultural hub. It is the third biggest city in the country with over 2.27 million people calling it home. Compared to other capital cities in Australia, Brisbane receives more sunny days every year. Across most seasons, the temperature in Brisbane remains stable.

Due to its sub-tropical climate, many homeowners pay attention to their outdoor space and design them with the best pieces of outdoor furniture. Adding the right furniture items is a vital step for making a home feel like home. Regardless of the outdoor theme or design, you are going for, one key aspect of creating your space is the furniture you choose to complement the decor. You can find some really good pieces of outdoor furniture at Brisbane furniture shops.

Types of Furniture You Should Put in Your Backyard or Patio

Wrought Iron Furniture

These pieces are durable and typically create a vintage or rustic vibe to your outdoor furnishing. Wrought iron is heavy and usually is cast into stunning pieces. Due to its durability, you can enjoy your wrought iron furniture for a long time, particularly if it comes with resistant finishes.

It is suitable for dry weather, but make sure to cover it with shading or cushions, as metal tends to feel hot to the touch in direct sunlight. Also, part of maintaining your furniture is to keep them away from the rain.

Wooden Furniture

It is versatile and long-lasting, making it a popular style for outdoor furniture. Furniture items made of solid wood are beautiful and varied. You have a lot of choices with regard to colour, style and wood including cedar, pine, white oak, acacia, fir, eucalyptus, and teak. It is possible to stain the wood to fit your outdoor decor or to give you the desired look.

Woods are naturally sturdy and weather-resistant, which make them suitable for all kinds of weather. Treated wood furniture items can withstand rain, heat, sun, extreme cold, and humidity.

Cast Aluminium Furniture

It is a sturdy material that is resistant to moisture and rust. Cast aluminium furniture is often treated with a powder finish, making it look classic and easy to clean. Pieces made of cast aluminium are lightweight yet extremely durable. They are perfect for outdoor space, as they have the ability to resist sunlight, rain, and harsh weather.

Steel Furniture

If you like metal finishing for your outdoor furniture, steel is an excellent choice. Steel pieces are sturdy and long-lasting. They do not dent and bend easily, and they come in many styles and shapes.  Coating them with powder finish can protect them against rust. They are ideal for outdoor areas, as steel furniture can do well with either cold or hot temperature.

Resin Wicker Furniture

These types of furniture items are typically made from the synthetic fibres of polyethylene, nylon, or PVC. They are used for wrapping metal frames, and they create an appearance of wicker when they are woven together. Resin wicker materials are available in many different pattern styles and colours.

Resin wicker furniture can withstand exposure to outdoor elements such as humidity, rain, and sunlight. It is suitable for all kinds of weather. Moreover, resin wicker furniture doesn’t require much maintenance.

What are the Fabrics that are Ideal for Outdoor Furniture?

Your outdoor furniture will look more beautiful, inviting, and comfortable if you add colourful pillows or cushions. Considering that metal frames can get hot under the sun, choose fabrics that are weather-resistant to add to your outdoor decor. The best fabrics to use are acrylic, olefin, polyester, and foam.

A livable outdoor space can enhance the appearance and value of your home. You can buy outdoor furniture at Brisbane furniture shops, but make sure to consider the factors above when buying them to create not only a stunning design but also that you can enjoy for a long time.

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