How to Choose a Water Heater


Nothing’s worse than taking a cold shower on an equally cold morning. Instead of feeling fresh and relaxed, you’ll feel more anxious about preparing for your day. We often take it for granted, but water heaters play a big part in our everyday routines.

Picking a water heating system is important. It doesn’t just affect your convenience – it affects your energy use, as well. If you’re planning to install a new unit, it’s best to hire the experts in hot water system on the Sunshine Coast to install it for you. Read below to help you pick out the best design for your needs.

Types of Heaters

Tank-types are one of the most efficient, large-scale heating systems you can buy. It operates by heating the water and storing them in large vats. This way, you’ll always have hot water ready to use. Storage units can go as much as 400 litres. The water can be heated through electricity and gas, but some designs operate through solar power.

This is arguably one of the most traditional types of heaters available. The system has its pros and cons. On the obvious side, you have readily available water to use at any time. On the other hand, the amount of water is finite. Once it runs out, you’ll have to wait until the unit heats up another batch.

Tank-types are best for households that don’t have a lot of users. It’s best for large volume uses, as long as you’re using them for limited periods of time. If your family has a quick routine in the morning, this is probably a good option. Keep in mind that this is a centralised form of heating system, so you’ll only need one for the entire property.

Point-of-Use systems are becoming more popular nowadays. It electronically heats up the water as you use it. You’ll be able to control the temperature directly through the unit, as they’re installed right next to the showerhead. Unlike Tank-types, these are not centralised. This means you’ll need a unit for every fixture. However, some systems may allow you to hook up two or more fixtures in one unit.

This type of heater is best for small areas like apartments and condominiums. They don’t take up too much space. In fact, you can just mount the unit on the wall! This is why they’re best for houses with space restraints. You don’t need a basement to have hot water in your bathroom!

To add to this, this type of heater is the easiest to install. You don’t need to have extra plumbing work done. All you have to do is hook up the showerhead to the unit, and attach the water source. It’s a no-mess process you can do yourself, without any expertise.

The only downside to Point-of-Use systems is that they’re very limited. You’ll need a separate unit for every showerhead – not to mention the kitchen! It may not be an efficient choice for larger homes, because of its capacity.

To sum it all up, each type of system has their uses. You should choose a unit according to your needs. And make sure you trust professional Sunshine Coast plumber to help you with your hot water system needs.

Author: Carrie Sze

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