How to Change your Bathroom


You might think that what you need is a good vacation right now. Think again. The problem might be your bathroom. The bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary for you to relax, take a shower, or comfort yourself before and after work. If you have been feeling rather depressed lately, take a look at your bathroom. Is it beginning to look a bit like the set of a David Lynch movie? It’s time for a makeover. You have been putting it off for far too long.

Look at the showerhead

When was the last time you replaced your showerhead? Is it beginning to look dank for you? Does it have a bit of a leak? Are you not happy with the pressure anymore? Well, the good news is that replacing your showerhead is actually one of the easiest ways for you to upgrade your bathroom. To learn more about showerheads here, click here. If you chose a flexible showerhead, you might be able to replace the fixture yourself. It can save you time and money.

Are there cracked tiles?

Not only are cracked tiles depressing to look at. They can also cause plenty of injuries. You can learn more about showerheads here and do a great job with your DIY but if your tiles are damaged, chances are, you will still feel pretty sad about your bathroom. If your tiles are pretty basic, then the materials for this project should be easy enough to acquire. What you should think about spending more money on is good labor. Tiling is a complicated job. Unless you have professional experience in tiling, you must not attempt to do this on your own. Ask for personal referrals. It will also take a few days for your bathroom tiles to be ready. They must not get wet yet, especially if they are floor tiles. You might have to move out of your home until your bathroom is ready again.

Is your space clutter free?

One way to make your bathroom look brand-spanking-new without spending too much money and hiring professionals to do it is to look at the clutter level. Do you really need to have all those things out in the open? Keep shampoos and toiletries grouped together for a more streamlined look. Avoid exposing toiletries and small accessories when you are not using them. You can invest in waterproof, enclosed cabinets if your bathroom is big enough. If it’s a small space, you should consider keeping towels and other unused toiletry supplies in another spot of the house. If you want to start anywhere in the project, you can learn more about showerheadshere, install the showerhead yourself if possible, and keep your space clutter free. It’s easier to see what other areas need work once you get the clutter out of the way.

Mirrors and lighting

Are you dealing with a claustrophobic space? Some bathrooms are tiny, making them hard to treat as a place for relaxation. You should consider installing large mirrors especially if you have walls that are largely unused. This does wonders in opening up the space. You might also want to look into your lighting options. A whitewashed, well-mirrored, well-lit tiny bathroom is refreshing. It will hardly feel tiny at all.

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