How to boost your home’s value through its yard


Over the years we’ve seen it all when it comes to adding value to your home. We’ve heard all the talk about curb appeal (and how small hacks like painting your door can add thousands to your asking price), but today’s article is going to hone in on something a little different.

As you have probably gathered from the title, the state of your yard can really make the difference when it comes to the amount you are asking for when you sell your property. Let’s now dive into some of the ways you can make this happen.

Tidy up your lawn

As we all know, the lawn has made something of a resurgence when it comes to the typical yard. Once upon a time it was relegated and replaced by maintenance-free, decked options. Now, particularly parents, realise the obvious advantages and are quick to favour them.

Of course, nothing looks worse than an unkempt lawn. This is where a Google search for lawn maintenance near me can really come to your aid – and boost your curb appeal in the process.

What about the low-maintenance yards?

Of course, some of you will still have those low-maintenance yards that we have already alluded to.

Again, maintenance needs to be the buzzword here and ensuring that decking has a fresh coat of paint on it, and any grime has been swiftly jet-washed away should be at the top of your priorities.

Sure, decking might be classed as a low-maintenance option, but please note the term “low” here – it does still need a little TLC from its owner!

Incorporate outdoor dining

Even if you don’t reside in a climate which offers year-long sunshine, this next point is something that can boost the value of your home by a surprising amount.

Once upon a time outdoor dining was definitely reserved for warmer environments, but now this is changing. More and more homeowners are starting to appreciate the benefits, and prospective buyers will quickly imagine themselves dining out in your yard as they look around the house.

Whether this is because of the effects of climate change, we’re not going to speculate, but outdoor dining is big right now and is an easy win in your battle to increase your home’s value.

Garden outbuildings

Something else that is big on the outdoor agenda nowadays is garden outbuildings.

The reasons behind this might be because various planning laws have been relaxed but again, for the purposes of today, we’re not going to speculate any further.

In short, if you have space, you should seriously consider a garden outbuilding. These are being made more and more modern, with many being built as home offices, gyms or even playrooms for the kids. It expands your living space, without resulting in a costly extension from your existing home. Sure, it’s an initial investment, but for those of you who have particularly large gardens, this can often be regarded as a no-brainer.

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