How Protection Mats Can Make Any Construction Job Cleaner


Ground protection mats are an ideal solution for making life easier for those who need to use vehicles in areas without proper roads. Here’s a guide for exactly how these mats can help with construction jobs in a wide number of contexts.

Ground protection mats

Yard Jobs 

One area where these protection mats can help with construction is when the construction needs to happen in someone’s backyard. The digging or other initial work for construction will likely need to happen in a very specific area.

But this means that you aren’t going to want a lot of track marks from the heavy vehicles that need to drive around outside of that area. This is often what happens when heavy digging cranes need to help dig the area for a foundation. It can completely ruin the yard around the constructed area. An example would be a pool. The client likely wants to confine the digging to just the area where the pool is going to go.

But, the cranes still need to drive out around the outside of the digging area to carve out the place where the pool will go. However, if you put protection mats down there instead, then the digging vehicles can drive right along the mats on the ground while they do their work. Not only will this make driving easier, but it will also mean that more of the track marks that would be there otherwise would be eliminated.

This is because the mat helps to spread the pressure of the tracks or wheels over a wider area, minimizing and even eliminating damage to the yard.

Working in Dirt Zones 

For areas where the vehicles will mostly be moving over loose soil, gravel or other conditions in which they could potentially get stuck, protection mats can help make sure that the vehicles run smoothly. This also means that the ground won’t get torn up as much. This might not necessarily matter for aesthetic reasons if it’s just dirt roads, but the owners might still care so it’s important to protect it if you can.

But even besides aesthetic concerns, heavy vehicles like dump trucks are likely going to tear up the ground if it’s just all dirt. This could be problematic due to the fact that the ground will then be uneven for other vehicles that have to move over the same ground. The beginning effects of the problem may be slight, but if you keep driving over the same ground over and over again, this could turn into a major problem.

By laying down mats in a long line, you could ensure that the vehicles don’t sink into the ground or get stuck due to uneven terrain. This also gives a clear area for your vehicles to drive along which can help eliminate confusion.


Many protective mats are rated up to a 100 tons without breaking. This is often not the case for other materials. If you try to use wood planks or even thin stones, they could definitely break over the long run with enough pressure exerted on them. It’s better to make sure that you use materials that have the rating. After all, you really don’t want to have to replace broken wood or stone over and over again in order to create a safe working environment for vehicles and people alike.

Many of these mats can also be purchased or rented with specific conditions in mind. For example, some of them can help specifically with bogs. Many other materials won’t keep your vehicles out of the muck in bogs as effectively as mats specifically created for the purpose.

General Safety Concerns 

It’s also a fact that many materials made out of wood can get slippery in certain conditions. You really don’t want your vehicles slipping off of any surface that you lay down for their use. This can be dangerous for the people operating the vehicles and any other workers that need to operate nearby. It can also be dangerous for the vehicles themselves. Damage to heavy construction vehicles can be quite expensive, and it can also be expensive to free vehicles from areas where they get stuck due to lack of proper support from mats.

Effective protective mats often have special features on top that help vehicles maintain their grip regardless of other environmental conditions and regardless of whether the vehicles uses wheels or treads.

Protective mats are often also light weight considering how much pressure they can take from vehicles. Many mats also come with special tools for moving them around in order to make this process much easier as well. It’s good to get mats that are fully recycled, and it’s also useful to find mats that can hook one into the other in order to make sure that they don’t move around when vehicles roll over them.

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