How Make Your Property Stand Out And Sell Fast


There is the usual toolkit you can apply to your home when it is time to sell.  You can clean, stage, de-clutter and many other little things.  However, all homeowners always want to have that little extra at hand to ensure their properties stand out from the rest when it comes to selling season.

Here are some original methods you can employ to ensure you sell a house fast.

Invest in the services of a home inspector

 Yes, it is true that buyers who are interested in buying a particular property more commonly hire home inspectors.  However, it will ensure a quick sale if you have already addressed the concerns that a home inspector will pick up.  Be sure to ask the home inspector to show you the top 10 repairs that you will need to deal with and fix them before you place your home on the listings.

You will be able to stand out from the rest of the homes in your area with a sign outside that proudly states your house has been inspected.  That sign alone will ensure that you attract the serious homebuyer; one that is ready to make an offer.

Use social media like a pro

Up to 80% of buyers use the Internet to search for house listing in the area they want to buy.  That percentage increases constantly as more and more people get tech-savvy and have access to the Internet on their smartphones.  When it comes to selling your home quickly, social media could be the power tool in your marketing kit.  Most real estate agents will list your home on their websites and other online listings.  However, you can increase the exposure by using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Using social media gives you access to a huge potential market and more and more of your friends share your sale information and pictures.  For a potential buyer to find your home grows exponentially with every share.

De-clutter, clean and pack

Potential homebuyers are interested in your property and not your life.  That may sound a bit harsh, but walking into a show home and seeing the current owner’s personal items were strewn about makes it very hard for the potential buyer to picture themselves living there.  Before you take any photographs or show your property ensure that you pack away everything that is non-essential.  Highlight the positive areas of your house and keep bric ‘n brac to an absolute minimum.  Giving the potential buyers a clean slate to envision themselves living there is vital to making a quick sale.

Every home seller wants to sell a house fast and with a little creative thinking, you can make that possible.  Remember to always think from a buyer’s point of view. There is a myriad of ways to get a potential buyer to make an offer.  However, using some creative, innovative and logical thinking will get your house sold in no time.

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