How Can You Select the Best Dining Table for Your Home


There are hundreds of ways to make your home feel more livable. One of the best methods is to add distinct pieces of furniture around the house to give it more appeal. Usually, even something as simple as getting the perfect dining table can change the house’s entire atmosphere.

If you were to focus on dining tables, there are several factors to consider before choosing one. You might end up buying a luxury dining table that may be too large to fit inside your kitchen. You wouldn’t want this to happen, especially if you’re on a time constraint and don’t want to spend sending the table back to the store and replacing it with another one.

Ensure Correct Measurements

You should always know the correct dining table measurements to ensure it fits perfectly inside the kitchen or dining area. Tables come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose and the number of people using it.

  • Round Tables – Getting a pedestal base grants more legroom compared to a table with standard legs. In comparison, a 5″ round table with legs can accommodate at least four diners. When you add pedestal seats to the same table, you can accommodate two more, adding up to six people.
  • Square and Rectangular Tables – Every person that sits on the table needs at least 24″ of length and approximately 12″ of width to eat without a problem. To seat up to four people, a rectangular table needs to measure 4″ long and 3″ wide. If you add 12″ of length at each end of the table, it can provide six diners. One at the foot of the table, another at the head of the table, and two on each side. Purchasing solid wood Canadian made dining tables would ensure the most space possible for parties and guests while showing off a beautiful centerpiece.
  • Clearance – People need to pull out the chairs without hitting behind and move around without hitting the table too often. Make sure to give at least 42″ between the table and walls or pieces of furniture.
  • Height – You can find most dining tables that are at least 30″ high, while chair seats are usually 17″ to 19″ tall. If you want to provide more leg space, give at least 12″ from the top of the chair’s seat to the tabletop.

Choosing the Table Shape

When choosing a luxury dining table, it’s essential to know which table shape will fit and match the dining room or kitchen. Selecting a table that correlates the shape of the room can improve harmony and balance. Since most dining rooms are square-shaped, homeowners would usually go for rectangular-shaped tables. There are a few tips you can follow when choosing a table shape:

  • Square – This shape is perfect for small rooms. It can also enhance an intimate setting.
  • Round – It’s also another intimate, cosy, and space-saving table shape.
  • Rectangular – Great for dividing open-plan spaces to give distinction to areas with different uses.
  • Oval – You can choose this table shape whenever you want a new shape aside from the rectangular ones. It’s also a space-saving shape, similar to rectangular tables. 

Selecting Table Material

With the many kinds of table material, you need to choose one that would best fit the overall aesthetic wherever it’s placed. You have several table materials such as solid wood, glass, stone, reclaimed wood, laminate, etc. Style is critical to make sure homeowners can make the entire dining area look the way they want it to be.

If you’re planning to get a luxury dining table, make sure to look for reputable companies. You can even ask these companies for help when you’re having a hard time choosing the right table for your home.

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