Do These Home Improvements and You’ll Benefit from Pest Prevention Too


Home improvements aren’t just great for you and your family; they’re also great for preventing pests in your home as well. Doing some simple home improvement around your home can majorly decrease your chances of suffering from a pest infestation.

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  • Clean the garden – Home improvements don’t just need to be in the home. You can also improve your garden too. Layers of leaves fall in the colder months, and then when you add rain to the mix it creates quite a mouldy problem. These are the perfect breeding grounds for pests. So make sure to rake up the leaves to let the lawn breathe.
  • Sealing – Finding pests anywhere in your home is disturbing. And in the colder months, it is usually the warmth of our homes that draws them inside. You can prevent pests from infesting your home by sealing off cracks and crevices. You’ll most likely find these around windows and doors, in cupboards and along the walls.
  • Check the attic – Your roof and loft should be checked along with the rest of your house to make sure there are no pests lurking there. A lot of pests gain access to the home through the loft and through vents, so you should definitely keep an eye on these. Another place you should clean out along with these is the chimney. Many people don’t realise they have a pest problem when rodents or birds are hiding in the chimney duct.
  • Home exterior – The interior may have had a spruce, but what about the outside? Check the outside of your home for cracks and holes that may let a pest in. These are especially common around utility pipes. You should also check for cracks around the outside of your windows. Even the smallest gap can let in a pest.
  • Clean up – Home improvements doesn’t just mean DIY. Decluttering and cleaning your home can also be seen as a home improvement. Cleaning up food leftovers and decluttering your home takes away shelter and food sources from pests – two things pests love.

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