The Home Improvement Product of 2016 – Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors


Aluminium has long been known for its versatility as a building material, and now you can take advantage of it to enjoy more of your property, while increasing the beauty of your home. Bi-folding doors exploded into popularity just this year, and they are an exciting alternative to traditional patio or French doors. In a short amount of time, these fantastic doors have overshadowed other options on the market, and they are the perfect addition to any living or dining room, garden, and more. While you can get bi-fold doors in uPVC and timber, aluminium has quickly proved to be the best material for both the short and the long term.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

Property Value

Some upgrades to the home may add only a small percentage to the top of your property value, but aluminium bifold doors can add real value where it counts the most. These additions open up the home to the garden or patio area, so homeowners can enjoy the best moments of a sunny summer day, or enjoy winter from the comfort of their heated interior. Bi-fold doors, true to their name, fold neatly away so you can keep the area open while removing the threat of running into the door as you pass through. For these reasons, it is no surprise that bi-folds have become one of the most desirable home improvements of the past decade. To take full advantage of these doors, material is the most important aspect to consider.

Strong and Light

Kingfisher Windows is a company that offers excellence in everything it does, from its aluminium doors, to its windows replacements. Each and every door you purchase is custom-fitted to your unique space, and is fabricated to the highest standards with quality materials. With aluminium, strong does not have to mean bulky or heavy. This low density metal will allow you to enjoy bi-fold doors that are slender and attractive, without sacrificing their strength in the process. Similarly, aluminium doors remain rigid throughout all weather conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, making it low maintenance as well.


Aluminium is among the strongest options for a door, and nobody wants to deal with the physical and emotional toll of a break-in. Aluminium doors are built to be strong enough to withstand the attention of would-be burglars, making them ideal for families that want the peace of mind found in added security. Aluminium doors have even been found to be a deterrent to burglars, turning them away before they even try to make their way inside.


Aluminium doors are absolutely beautiful, and they add a new layer of sophistication and aesthetic beauty to any home in which they are installed. Whether you decide to install them to gain easier access to your outdoor area, or to add to your property value, this investment will absolutely improve your home. Their clean lines and modern sheen will attract the right kind of attention from potential buyers, and there are many colours you can choose from to ensure your doors match your home. Aluminium does not rust, and its colours will not wear out or fade over time. With simple and easy maintenance, you can enjoy your new doors for years without them ever losing their brilliance.

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