Home improvement ideas to add value to your property


There are so many things you can do to add value to your property. On one hand there are amazing high impact ideas such as adding a pool area and steam room or, on the other, you have the more straightforward (but still significant) home improvements such as changing the colour of your walls or pulling up old carpets.

Simple DIY home improvements can make a huge difference to the way your home looks and feels, not to mention the added value to your overall property, making it a lot more appealing to potential buyers when the time comes to sell (and who doesn’t want to get the highest return for their property?).  

Check out these home improvement ideas and see how you can add value to your property.

Redecorate and repair

Redecorating is the most popular home improvement task. Giving your home a lick of paint and doing some general maintenance can all be done at a low cost for a big impact.

If you’re looking to sell soon, try to forget about the desire to make the walls of your home reflect your personality and paint your walls a neutral colour. This is very important for those who are viewing your home, as they may otherwise find it hard to imagine the house as a blank canvas if its painted bright blue.

It is also a good idea keep up to date with home maintenance and fix all those little things you might have been ignoring such as:

  • Dripping taps
  • Broken light bulbs
  • Lime scale build ups
  • Mouldy sealants in the kitchen or bathrooms
  • Peeling paint
  • Dirty walls

Focus on the carpet

Changing your carpets is a great way to give your house a spruce up, it will brighten and really open up your space. It is an essential improvement idea if your carpets are old, dirty and worn out. Depending on what you choose to replace them with – new carpets or laminate flooring say – this may not be an easy task but there are plenty of demonstration videos and tips to follow online that will allow you to give this a go yourself.  Follow this post by, Do It Yourself for instructions on how to install a carpet.

Update your furniture

First impressions count, particularly if you are putting your house on the market. Updating your furniture throughout will send the message that your home is up-to-date and well maintained. If you have sofa that looks a little dated and old, maybe it’s time to get a new one, or consider reupholstering it. The same goes for your bed. A bed is the focal point of a room so it needs to be impressive and give off that wow factor. Get yourselves over to Divan Beds Centre and find yourself a new bed so that you can improve your comfort and make the right statement in this key room.

Replace your front door

Do you have a really old front door that has become dated and looks shabby over time? Maybe it’s time to get a new one. A new front door gives great kerb appeal and will create that all-important first impression.

Make over the kitchen

While getting a brand new kitchen would look amazing, it could set you back tens of thousands of pounds. As kitchens are one of the main focuses for many buyers, you do need to consider ways to improve it if you want to improve the value of your home.

A good way to do so would be painting units or replacing cupboard door handles – both of which can freshen up an existing kitchen and make it look and feel brand new. Make sure you have good lighting and are free of clutter and clean surfaces to make a big difference.

Spruce up your garden

Having an attractive and well kept garden will add value to your property (or, at least, avoid this dragging your home down with a bad impression). Keep the grass cut, pathways clear and make sure bushes and trees are cut back. The garden should feel like another extra space for relaxing and entertaining in, rather than just being an unusable space.

Try out some of these home improve ideas and watch it completely revamp your property and add value in no time.

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