Heating and Cooling Trends you must Avoid


The comfort of your home largely relies on the air conditioning in your home which controls the heating and the cooling. It makes it very important for the systems that are tasked with this important job to be well taken care of and constantly maintained to make sure they don’t fail. However, maintenance and good servicing is not all there is to keeping your home comfortable and your air conditioning in the best form possible. There are some trends and decisions that can severely affect the performance of the heating and cooling mechanisms.

Failure to insulate your home

This is a double pronged problem. In cases where you need to heat up the house, a lot of the heat that is generated quickly lost. This forces you to run the heating much longer than you should which subjects the machine to wear and tear and also adds up to the energy bill. On the other hand, during the hot summer months when you would like to cool the house, if not insulated, hot air keeps coming into the home which undermines the efforts of the HVAC system.

Opening up the fire place

It has always been a good idea to have the fireplace open especially on the chilly nights. Whether you constantly light up the fireplace or are just waiting for the heating and cooling repair to be done, the flue to the fireplace should always be locked. This helps to prevent the cold air coming down from the chimney from making it into the house. It saves you money and a good dose of the chilling cold.

Going full blown on the heat

There is a misconception that if you turn the thermostat to higher temperature figures the results will be faster. The best method especially if you arrive from work around the same time every day is to make sure you set the thermostat. It is important you keep time so you don’t end up heating an empty home since this would be counterproductive.

Poor maintenance

If you would like your HVAC and heating system to serve you longer, there is no question you will need to take care of them better. Frequent maintenance from All American will ensure the machine is in tip top condition. This makes it more efficient and at the same time, it also consumes less power saving you money eventually.

Not matching the use to the size

The way air conditioners are designed is to make the most out of the space that it is designed for. If you have an average home but buy a HVAC that is significantly higher rated you end up driving up your cost of energy bill without getting any added benefit. You have to pick the right air conditioner for the right purpose.

Keeping heating and cooling repairs at bay is a great way of saving. For you to be able to achieve, this, you need to constantly check on the systems involved in the process regularly and make sure that they are in the best possible state. This also ensures you’re able to have a great experience and live in a comfortable and well-regulated home.

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