A Guide to the Ultimate Exterior Wall Protection


If you live in the UK, you don’t need to be reminded just how harsh the climate can be, and the exterior of your home must endure this, day in, day out. If you happen to live in a coastal area, then you can add the damaging salty atmosphere which is present in the air in high quantities, and we all know just how corrosive that can be. So, how does one acquire the best wall protection? The answer is to apply a modern wall coating, which is designed with durability and protection in mind, and with the right contractor, you will receive a comprehensive 10-year warranty on the application.

Surface Preparation

Similar to applying paint, the surface to be treated must be well-prepared, and in the case of a wall coating, the surfaces should be cleaned with a high pressure water gun, which effectively removes all traces of grime and that will enable the wall coating to adhere to the substrate. There are established contractors who offer Topcote wall coating in Scotland and the North East of England, and with their expertise, you can be sure of a first class job.

Online Solutions

You might be wondering how to make contact with such a provider, and while the Yellow Pages is one way of sourcing an established contractor, an online search is much more effective. That way, you can browse the website of a local contractor that specialises in wall coatings, and one you have made contact, the company would likely arrange for an expert to visit you at home and discuss your options.

Range of Attractive Colours

Protecting the exterior with a wall coating allows you to make some radical improvements regarding colour. There are 8 different colours to choose from, and with contrasting colours for the window and door frames, you can create a brand new look while adding a layer of protection that is second to none.

Product Warranty

Such are the durable properties of external wall coating that the contractor would have no hesitation is issuing a 10-year warranty on their work. Unlike paint, an acrylic wall coating will not fade, peel, or crack, regardless of the weather conditions, and providing the coating is professionally applied, you can forget exterior maintenance, at least for ten years.

Product Flexibility

While exterior paint does have a level of flexibility, the extreme temperature changes invariably cause it to crack, as the expansion and contraction breaks the seal, yet with a wall coating, there is much more room for movement, and that ensures the seal is not compromised in any way. If you would like a free, no obligation quote for exterior wall coating, a simple Google search will bring up a list of local contractors and you can take it from there.

The technological advances in wall coatings have enabled homeowners to comprehensively protect the exterior of their property, and the range of colours gives you the opportunity to make some aesthetic improvements.

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