Guide to Home Solar Systems


If you want to install the solar energy systems to save the cost of the power and also help the environment, here are the few points you have to know about types of solar systems, their cost and some other options to save the power. There are different types of Home Solar System are available in these days.

Types of solar systems:

Interactive system: The Interactive system is connected to the grid and sells energy which produces back to the electrical company. That means it produces power to cut the cost of the electrical bill.

Battery Backup system: The Battery Backup System can use batteries to save energy and produces it whenever the power cut happens. It is better than the interactive system that you will get the power even the grid is down. The solar panels and batteries produce power. The batteries work at the night also. There are small and bigger systems available in the market from 5 to 25 square feet. The bigger ones are used for commercial purpose and the smaller ones are used for residential purpose.

The typical solar system consists of number of solar panels and is putting together. The smaller solar cells are sealed in water and air. These are connected to produce power. They are mounted on the roof and other spaces. The wiring system is to protect the panels from the shorts and surges. An inverter converts the DC energy to AC power to run the lights and household appliances.

Power Output:

There are factor to consider for the solar panel output. They are temperature, intensity of the light, DC to AC conversion and wiring. After considering all these aspects, one can expect the power output.


A solar system energy cost should be about 15 to 30 thousand dollars depending on the power consumption to your house or workplace. Installing a small system will save both electricity bill and money too. You can estimate it by kilowatt hours per month by calculating the how much you have used or multiply by 30.

There are several options are used to save the energy in your home. You can ask your home solar power installers to know easy tips to save the powers. Use fluorescent bulbs in your home which uses less energy. The one is power conditioner; you can install this power conditioner to save 1200 watts power.

These are the tips to save the power and your electricity bill. Most of the houses and businesses used this solar power system to save the cost of the electricity and the power also. This solar power system are trending in these days and are many online sites which providing the solar system installation for commercial and residential purposes. So, use this solar system to save the power consumptions. You can also know about the benefits of the solar systems in the internet and also suggest your friends to save the power. These are the best power consumption option among the other ones.

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