Guide for Beginners: How to Replace a Water Pump


You’ll know when something’s wrong with your water pump if you notice leaks and noises coming from the equipment. Other times, it simply won’t pump at all. When this happens, you will need to get in touch with the water pump manufacturers especially if it’s still under warranty.

For most people living outside the city limits, they get their water supply from a well. And for the well to work the way it should, it will require a good water pump. There are several kinds of pumps. If the water is close to the surface, you’ll need a jet pump which is suitable for shallow wells. If your water is more than 7.63 meters deep (25 feet), you’ll need a submersible pump.

But whatever type of pump you have, if it breaks, you’ll need to have it repaired. In many cases, you’ll need to install a new pump entirely.

Here’s a guide on how to replace your water pump:

  1. Preparation

First, you’ll need to get a new pump. You can contact the manufacturer who supplied you with your first one and inquire about your replacement options. You’ll need to determine what type of pump you should.  As mentioned earlier, if your well is shallow, you’ll need a jet pump. If your well is deep, you’ll need a submersible pump. It’s important that you get a pump that is appropriate for your well.

  1. Setting Up

Then once you have the new pump, switch off the power to your pump. This is found at the main circuit breaker which controls the electricity in your home.

Turn on the nearest faucet or hose to release the holding tank’s pressure. When you install the new pump, the pumping system’s water should be completely drained.

  1. Replacing the Pump

If you own a jet pump, use a wrench to remove the outlet and inlet ports on your old pump. Unscrew the wires using a screwdriver. Take out the old pump and use Teflon piping tape on the inlet and outlet pipe threads. Make sure to wrap the tape around at least five times so as to ensure a good seal.

You should have a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install your new pump. Normally, you’ll need to screw the well’s pipe to the pump’s inlet pump using a plumber’s wrench. Then afterward you will need to screw the outlet pipe which brings water to your home to the pump’s outlet pipe. Wires of the new pump should be connected and tightened using a screwdriver. Once you’re done, simply switch on the circuit breaker.

Now if you are using a submersible pump, the steps for installation are different. You first have to open the well cap and then, using a socket wrench, remove the hex nuts that hold it in place. Lift the well cap off and pull out the old pump with a winch. Then remove the discharge line off the pump’s top using a plumber’s wrench. Apply sanitation liquid to the well casing so it is clean and install the new pump, by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Attach the discharge line and lower the new pump into the well casing. Tighten the hex nuts and make sure it is properly secured. Then switch the power back on so you can test your new submersible well pump.


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