Grow Your Bamboo Plant in an Easy Manner with These Simple Tips


Bamboo is a special plant that has huge spiritual and environmental significance. In the present scenario, it is highly mentioned in the Feng Shui, a spiritual study that flourished from the China to other parts of the world. If you are interested in growing a bamboo plant in your home, here are the few helpful tips for you.

Choose the best bamboo plant for you – While selecting your ideal lucky bamboo plant, you need to perform a thorough market study regarding the superb bamboo plant. You can easily find a variety of bamboo plants at your local nursery store or any online gifting store. The amazing plant is known by the various names such as Lucky bamboo, Ribbon Plant or the scientific name of Dracaena sanderiana. People need to choose the bamboo plant which is of vibrant green colour which indicates the good health of the plant.

Ensure that they are properly planted – This indoor plant is said to have high resilience against hostile weather conditions. However, it may not flourish well or can die ultimately if it is not planted in a correct manner. If the bamboo plant is giving sour odour, it is possible that they could be sick and won’t grow properly. Although, they don’t have their own fragrance like flowers but they cause a stinking smell if they are not watered properly. You should also ensure that the bamboo plant has good water levels as well as soil or fertilisation for proper growth. There are certain varieties of bamboo that are grown through the process of hydroponically in the presence of just water, rock or small pebbles.

Choose a medium for planting your bamboo plant – The lucky bamboo plant can be grown in the water or soil depending upon which medium you choose for it. However, there are certain precautions that need to be followed with every other medium. For example, too much soil or fertilisation can prove to be harmful to your plant. Similarly, if you are using tap water with the presence of fluoride and other chemicals, you need to opt for the soil and fertiliser medium to avoid the yellow tips of your bamboo plant. Likewise, if you are growing the plant in a standing water, it is advisable to use some pebbles to hold the bamboo plant straight. For the soil medium, you need to use a combination of sand, peat moss and regular soil for ensuring excellent drainage for the plant. In the case of water only medium, make sure that the water level is enough to cover the base of your plant roots. It is also recommended to change the water at least once in a week to avoid the plant from rotting.

Select the right container and fertiliser – The pot used for holding the bamboo plant should be about 2 inches larger than the diameter of the plant itself. If you don’t want to look out for a pot, you can directly buy potted bamboo plants from Ferns N Petals. Similarly, you need to use an adequate amount of fertilisers for the plant as the excess of it can be harmful to your bamboo plant.

With these simple tips, you can easily take good care of your bamboo plant and can grow it effectively in your home itself.

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