Green Decor: 8 Eco-Friendly Privacy Screens


If you want to live a truly sustainable lifestyle, then your home should feature eco-friendly styles, too. Aside from swapping out plastics and synthetic materials indoors, you’ll need to update your backyard with sustainable fixtures and ornaments. These include LED lamps, water-efficient garden sprinklers, and privacy screens made of sustainable materials.

Looking for privacy screens that will complement your property without hurting the environment? Here’s a helpful list of 8 stylish and eco-friendly privacy screens.

8 Eco-Friendly Privacy Screens

1. Reclaimed Wood Screens

If you want a timber privacy screen, you ought to get one made of reclaimed wood! This uses material that would’ve otherwise been thrown away, reducing the need to harvest new timber. The aged appearance of reclaimed wood also gives off a soft, comforting aesthetic.

2. Old Doors and Shutter Screens

Do you have some old doors or worn-out shutter screens gathering dust at home? Don’t throw them away so quickly! They can still serve as outdoor privacy screens with a wonderful vintage finish. Use them as is, or give them a fresh coat of paint.

3. Bamboo Privacy Screens

Bamboo grows so fast that it’s considered one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. This also means that it’s incredibly sustainable and affordable. Plus, thanks to its naturally high silica content, bamboo is durable and pest-resistant even without treatment. No need for harmful chemical repellents here!

Aside from being eco-friendly, bamboo privacy screens easily add a tropical feel to any backyard or garden. They come in several varieties, too! Choose from screens made of rods or reeds to keep your property hidden from outsiders. You can also check out finishes that range from striking black to golden tan.

4. Wood-Plastic Composite Screens

Take the earthy texture of classic timber and combine it with the durability of plastic. You’ll get a beautiful “biowood” privacy screen that requires little maintenance, if any. Don’t worry about where the raw materials come from, though! These eco-friendly screens often use reconstituted wood and recycled plastic.

5. Wattle Screens

Woven out of twigs and branches, wattle privacy screens are completely sustainable and eco-friendly. The materials for these lightweight screens may even come from your own backyard! At the same time, wattle blocks prying eyes while letting breezes pass through.

6. Privacy Hedges

Want an all-natural, 100% eco-friendly screen that provides a lot of privacy? Plant some lush hedges on your property. Some great plants for this include camellias, lilly pillies, and orange jasmines. Alternatively, a row of tall, slender trees will work just as well.

7.  Old Curtains

Here’s an interesting way to put old curtains to good use! Hang them up around your porch, and you’ll have an elegant privacy screen that is also easy to adjust. You can close the curtains for an intimate setup or draw them open to let in the sunlight.

8. Wine Bottle Screens

A privacy screen made of recycled wine bottles is an example of how playful eco-friendly decorations can be. Simply thread bottles onto metal bars and mount them! Clear bottles are more subtle while colored bottles come off as more whimsical. The curved glass surfaces also distort images, discouraging neighbors from staring from afar.

All 8 of these privacy screens blend beauty, functionality, and sustainability. Choose the screen that best fits your property, and you’ll be on your way to a stylish and eco-friendly home!

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