Great Ways to Let More Sunlight into Your Home


Do you feel like the inside of your house is too gloomy? Do you struggle to get sunlight to come into your house, even in the middle of the day? Well, there might be some solutions for you. There are several ways to let more sunlight into your home, and you should know about them so that your house can feel brighter every single day.


Believe it or not, rooms with dark coloured walls absorb sunlight. If you have dark paint on your walls or brick or wooden panelling, you won’t receive as much sunlight into your house. A simple solution is to paint your walls a lighter colour, such as eggshell, tan, or flat white. White walls reflect sunlight, which can make any room brighter during the day.

Dealing with Windows

Did you know that dirty windows can make it very difficult for sunlight to get into your home? People don’t often clean their windows, but if you clean them with a window cleaner, you can expect to let much more sunlight into your home. Glass does reduce some light by itself, but when it’s clean, the difference between direct sunlight and sunlight as seen through glass is almost unnoticeable.

You can also look into installing bigger windows. There have been several improvements in window-making in the past decade or so, and people can now install affordable, extra clear windows that can even provide extra insulation, so you can let sunlight into your home without letting in extra heat. These bigger windows create a wider aperture so that much more sunlight can get into your home.

Installing larger windows is a much bigger project than simply cleaning your windows, but the bigger your windows are, the more light you can let into your  house. If you’re interested in installing bigger windows, you should consult with an expert that can help you cut a larger hole in your wall, in order to accommodate your bigger windows.

See-through Doors

If you are tired of your thick wooden door, why not install a see-through door? Glass doors are becoming increasingly popular because they let more light in and can create a brighter atmosphere in any home. See-through glass doors can compliment any design style, and they are easy to install.

But why should you stop at glass doors? Simply make your entire entrance wider by installing bi-fold doors from Win-Dor. These doors can be up to five metres wide, making it easy to let in plenty of sunlight. These doors fold open extra wide, so you can even move large furniture through them without having to disassemble anything.

While many people think that light only comes through windows, doors can contribute to letting in extra light as well. By installing bigger doors, especially glass ones, you can expect to increase your sunlight intake dramatically.

If you are not sure where to find big, wide glass doors, you should reach out to a design expert that can help you install anything from doors to windows, so that you can let in as much sunlight as possible.

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