Gleaming Laminate Floors


The typical phrase is gleaming hardwood floors, yet laminate flooring offers a competitive edge to hardwood flooring. Becoming a popular choice nowadays, laminate flooring offers a wide variety of benefits that hardwood floors might not be able to offer.

What Are the Benefits of Laminate Flooring?

When you’re considering replacing your floors with something new, contact a company that specialises in laminate flooring in Aberystwyth. Laminate flooring offers a value that hardwood flooring just can’t compare to. Laminate flooring offers a cost-effective option, especially for families that still have young children and pets running around. Children who are constantly running, tripping, falling, and playing can often scuff regular hardwood floors. Dogs can also easily scratch the surface of these floors with their sharp nails. Laminate flooring, however, provides a scratch-resistant surface, typically primed with a special resin, leading to durable, long-lasting floors that can withstand those high-traffic areas of your home.

Just like hardwood floors, laminate flooring offers the same ease of cleaning. Spills wipe up easily without risk of damaging the floors or staining carpets. A sweep each evening after dinner is all it takes to keep laminate flooring in great shape. Due to this ease of cleaning, laminate floors offer a hypoallergenic option to homeowners. Carpets can often hold onto dust and dirt. It can get into the carpet fibres and stay there despite frequent vacuuming. Laminate floors allow you to see all dirt and dust particles, assuring you that they are completely clean once the sweeping is done.

What about Installation?

Laminate flooring offers easy installation as well. Most laminate floors interlock, meaning the pieces fit together. A company installing laminate flooring does not need much time to do it. Furthermore, laminate flooring can be installed over any subflooring material. This makes the laminate incredibly versatile and easy to work with. Finally, laminate flooring comes in a variety of styles and colours. No matter which hardwood floors you might be trying to replicate, laminate flooring probably has a similar looking style. They come in all sorts of colours, so no matter which design you have in mind, there are most likely laminate floor styles that match.

Everyone has their own design tastes and personal preferences. Since laminate flooring largely offers neutral colouring, your design could change while the laminate flooring remains relevant.  Laminate flooring even offers a wide variety of finishes. If you know children will remain in the house for years to come, a more patterned, matte finish may draw attention away from dents and stains. A higher gloss finish, which most closely resembles hardwood, could be chosen if the kids just moved out and you are looking for a classy design without the cost.

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