Getting the Best Loft Conversion in Surrey


Property prices in Surrey are some of the best in the country outside of London, providing many great opportunities for homeowners. One increasingly popular investment for properties throughout Surrey is loft conversions.

Loft conversions offer a great way to increase the space of a property while increasing its overall value. In fact, a quality loft conversion in Surrey could see the property gain such significant value that it can be a rather shrewd investment.

However, it’s important to find the best loft conversion specialists to ensure the job is completed to a high enough standard. While there are certainly many fantastic options that can provide your home with the conversion it deserves, there are some tradesmen and companies that are best avoided.

Here are some tips for getting the best loft conversion in Surrey:

Ask friends or neighbours for a recommendation

Given its close proximity to London, there is certainly no shortage of businesses offering loft conversion services. This can make choosing one rather difficult, which is why asking a friend or neighbour for a recommendation is a great place to start.

This allows you to get a better idea of the standard of work they provide, with their opinion typically being one you can rely on. If no one you know has had a loft conversion in or around Surrey, then check online for reviews.

Request a portfolio and references

Should you have a few candidates lined up, always take the time to request a portfolio and some references from previous clients. This should give a better idea about the company and how the operate, as well as the overall quality of their conversions.

Try to see if they’ve completed projects that are similar to what you require, as it should help provide you with an idea of the conversion will look when finished. Portfolios offer the best chance to determine this and their standard of work.

Look for a contractor that can take you through their portfolio and how the various styles and concepts may translate to your own property. They should also be able to answer any question you have regarding potential costs, how long the project will likely take, and if you require any planning permission.

Do they provide a guarantee of work?

Always be sure to hire a loft conversion company in Surrey that offers a guarantee of work. Simply put, this covers you for any possible repairs that might occur because of poor workmanship within a stipulated time-frame, typically ten years for many contractors.

This means you don’t need to worry about something going wrong with the conversion after a year or two because the company didn’t do the job right. After all, this is a serious financial investment so there should be no need for repairs shortly after the work is complete, so be sure to have a guarantee of work!

They can provide you with advice and guidance regarding the conversion

Not all loft conversions are possible. While it would certainly be nice to be able to convert your loft space any way you wish, sometimes it just isnt feasible. A good loft conversion provider should always be able to talk you through the best options for your property.

They can help you get a loft conversion that utilises the space best and should be able to provide you with various design options that are within your budget. If a contractor walks you through your loft and explains the numerous aspects of the conversion plan, it’s usually a sign of quality and reliability!

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