Get Inspired with These Home Improvement TV Shows


Home improvement projects are a great way to boost the overall value of a home. In a 2016 Remodeling Magazine report called Cost Vs Value,  it showed that the average return on investments made for home improvement is 64.4%. This is a 2% increase from that in 2015 and is the second highest return for such investments in the past 8 years.

It is therefore no wonder that so many home owners are striving to improve their homes. But what should you work to improve? What are the latest trends? How can you reduce the cost of the projects?

Home Improvement

Finding inspiration

Television has been lauded as one of the most effective tools for learning in the 21st century. So the next time you kick up your feet, consider switching to some of the following programs. They will help inspire you for your improvement project. You could also learn a lot about planning, managing or implementing these projects.

  • House Hunters

Whether you’re interested in home improvement with the aim of boosting  home value or not, you’ll enjoy this mix of house buying and improvement. It is especially beneficial for the home owner planning to put their house on the market in the near future. See what home buyers look for in homes and the changes they make when they find the home they want.

  • This Old House

This is probably one of the most realistic home renovation shows available. The show follows the renovation of a single house for an entire season. This gives you a realistic timeline for home renovation projects. The show is also honest when it comes to its unlimited budget. The lesson here is that high quality professional work that lasts for years costs money, takes time and requires a great deal of effort.

  • Property Brothers

This is another great show for those fixing their homes with the hope of selling them at great value. The show, hosted by Canadian twins Jonathan and Drew Scott, features home buyers seeking their dream homes. The buyers are assisted by the twins to find fixer upper homes that they transform to their dream homes. The transformations are quite remarkable and inspiring. It doesn’t hurt that the twins are also quite good looking too.

  • Sweat Equity

If you’re renovating to resell your home then you need to know exactly what will add the most value to your home. That’s exactly what Sweat Equity is all about. This show focuses on those projects that are known to add the most value to houses. Viewers will be surprised that these projects can be as simple as replacing the siding or windows.

  • Design on a Dime

This is a great show for those looking for innovative home improvement projects that are inexpensive. All projects featured on the show do not exceed $1000. This is a great show for those who want simple projects that focus on specific parts of the home at a time.

You can get these shows on TV or stream them online with TV + internet packages.

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