Get All the Bells and Whistles in Your New Living Room


Your living room is likely the place you spend the most time with your family, either watching television together, hosting game nights, or recounting the events of the day. Your living room is also the first place that your guests typically see, and it is where you will entertain visitors.

You deserve to create a space that you’ll love and that you’ll be proud to show off to guests. Look around your living room. Is it everything you hope it could be? If not, it might be time for a remodel.

Here are a few things you can do to create the living room of your dreams with all the bells and whistles:

Get the Most Advanced Technology

You will spend a lot of time in your living room watching television and movies. Make sure you have the best experience by getting the most advanced technology that you can afford.

Start by looking at Direct TV packages and bundles to get hundreds of channels that meet the interests of everyone in your family. Then invest in a nice, high-definition television that will give you the best picture for all your shows and movies.

Consider investing in extras like a premiere sound system and fun perks like a karaoke machine or a video game console. Turn your entertainment center into the best source of entertainment in your home.

Create a Stylish Entertainment Setup

Bulky entertainment centers are a thing of the past, thankfully. You have many more options for putting together an entertainment center that doesn’t involve huge cabinets that take up a huge chunk of your floor space.

If you like the storage space that these old cabinets offer, you can opt for built-in shelves that create a more attractive and modern look. However, if you really want to streamline the look, you can choose slim, modular TV stands and hidden storage for your media. You can also have your TV installed so that it drops down from the ceiling like a projector screen. (Or you can have a piece of art work or panel that drops down in the same way to cover the TV when not in use.)

Bells and Whistles

Choose the Right Colors

When redesigning your living room, you should pay special attention to the colors you choose for everything from the walls to the furniture. You should choose colors that appeal to your personal sense of style, but you should also choose colors that best match the space.

If you have a smaller space, you should pick lighter colors that will make the area seem larger and more open. If you have an open floor plan, you should choose a color for the living room that matches the adjoining living room or kitchen, or the color should be complementary.

Do not use more than three colors for the walls, furniture, or accessories. Choose a main color for the wall, and up to two accent colors for the furniture and accessories. Make sure the colors are in harmony according to their placement on the color wheel as well. The colors should either be in the same family or should be in contrast to each other on the wheel.

Always test paint samples on the walls before you commit to you colors. The paint won’t look the same on the sample card or in the bucket as it does dried on your wall.

Select Stylish Yet Comfortable Furniture

You’ll be spending a lot of time watching TV or hanging out with family in your living room, so make sure you have furniture that doesn’t just look good but is also comfortable. Choose a comfy couch and a few chairs that you’ll want to curl up in. Consider options like couches with reclining chairs and cup holders. You’ll have the ultimate in comfort.

Choose furniture that is the proper scale for your space. Therefore, if you have a relatively small living room, you shouldn’t fill it with a huge sectional. You’ll make your house look smaller and feel cramped.

Choose a main piece like a sofa and a few smaller pieces such as chairs, a love seat or a chaise. Place the furniture in a seating area on an area rug or around an ottoman or cocktail table.

Basically, you want to step back and take in how the furniture arrangement looks in the space, but also how practical and enjoyable it will be on a daily basis. Do guests have to position themselves unnaturally to see or hear each other? Does every seat offer a good view of the TV? The space should fit your needs while also looking good.

Finish off your living room remodel with some carefully chosen pieces of art that reflect your sense of style and bring out the best features of your home. You’ll create a space that’s worthy of a magazine layout, and you’ll love relaxing in it each day. If you struggle with design choices, don’t hesitate to call in a pro to give you some guidance and help you find the solutions you need.

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