Garage or Carport: Which Is The Right One For You


If you are thinking of getting some form of shelter made for your cars or the purpose of storage, your two main options revolve around getting a garage or a carport.

Both structures have their own set of pros and cons, and both of them have the traits that make them unique. One of the more glaring differences that emerge from this are the basic structures that these follow.

A garage functions as an enclosed space, most commonly attached to ones’ home. However, this can be a standalone structure that isn’t attached but just within one’s property.

Where Should the Garage or Carport Go?

Most of the time, the garage is located to the side of the house, with the entrance facing the front. This ensures that the cars that are stored in the garage can quickly get out of the driveway and onto the road with relative ease.

However, some people do like having their garage at the back of their home, which is mainly used for some kind of storage purposes. In addition to an additional room in your home, your garage also acts as a protector for your vehicles.

Consider the Weather

Being exposed to too many environmental variables such as rain or snow can damage your car, and cause it to erode much faster than it normally would. Having a garage ensures that your vehicles can stay protected in these situations, thereby keeping away any kind of damage that could reduce the lifespan of your car.

A carport, on the other hand, is a slightly different structure, with a few limited purposes that it can be used for. Generally, a carport doesn’t function as an additional room within the home. It merely serves as some form of shelter that is usually used when trying to store vehicles inside one’s property.

Unlike garages, the storage capacity of this is relatively limited. There isn’t much security in the structure because of it being open from all sides, but it does serve a good purpose if all you want is to store one or two cars within this area. Check out carports for sale when looking into your options.

When trying to figure out what kind of car storage solution would fit your requirements the best, it becomes essential to weigh the pros and cons and understand what exactly it is you need this space for.

Pros of Having A Garage:

One of the biggest pros is the safety concern that most people tend to have. Most garages tend to have their locking system in place that keeps these away from harm. Moreover, the storage room means that you can keep a lot more than just your cars here.

Pros of Having A Carport

Constructing a carport is a lot more budget as compared to building an entire garage. Most people opt to go in for this if they only want a place to keep their cars and nothing else. If you already have storage for most of your other things, this is probably a better option to go in for when selecting a space option.

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