Why is my Garage Door not Working? What you Should Look Out For


Any kind of door operates on a mechanism, whether it be a side hinging or overhead motion, and with constant use, things can eventually wear and cause problems with opening and closing. As a general rule, the heavier the door(s), the more strain there is on the hinge mechanism, and if the doors have a track mechanism, this also can require attention. If you are having problems with your garage doors, here are some helpful hints to make the fault finding a little easier.

Dead Batteries

The transmitter inside the garage door mechanism requires batteries, as does your remote unit, and if you experience a failure, this is the first place to look. Obviously, if the transmitter, or the remote are not powered up, they cannot send or receive a signal, and your commands will be unresponsive. If the new batteries do not cure the problem, then perhaps you should call in a repair company to source the problem.

Online Solutions

The Internet is a wonderful tool and you can easily source an essential service by simply searching, so if you are looking for garage door repair in Perth, or any other city, you will soon have the contact details of a local company.

Photo Eye Alignment

If your garage doors open, but do not close when you hit the button on the remote, it could be that the two photo eyes on either side of the door are out of alignment. They might be dirty, so give them both a clean with a dry cloth and try again, as this might be the problem. These two units are aligned to create an invisible beam, and when the door is closing, if that beam gets broken, the doors will automatically stop. This is a safety device, designed to prevent serious injury or damage to property. If you would rather a company deal with this, there is Perth garage door repair by Fix A Door, who also supply and install a range of quality automated garage doors.

Track Alignment

If you have roller doors and the tracking mechanism is out of alignment, this can cause serious damage to the system. It is not advised to attempt any repairs yourself, as this will invalidate any warranty you might have. If you hear any straining noise from the motor, stop the operation and call in the experts. Heavier doors require a sturdy system, and if the tracking gets bent or warped, this will seriously affect the opening and closing operations.

A Blockage

This is very often the reason why garage doors will not perform as they should, and it could something small that is not immediately noticeable, so take a good look on both sides, and the top and bottom and if you see any obstruction, remove the object and that should solve the problem.

If you are having problems with your garage door, it is wise to contact the company that originally installed them, as they have the product knowledge to make a safe and cost effective repair.

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