Garage Door Installation


The garage door is the often an area where most Canadian homeowners do not spend a big amount of time. The main reason for this is the perception that the garage door will not be visited by visitors.

However, the point missed here is that the garage door is not aesthetically important but structurally important. The installation of a garage door is also extremely articulate and often needs professional help.

How to Install Garage Doors

A garage door can be installed by either a professional or by the homeowner. It would be of course cheaper to do it yourself. You must be careful of the alignment and the installation if you are planning to install it by yourself. Further, the weight of the door is between 115 to 200 kgs. As a homeowner, you must be comfortable handling such heavy objects.

The estimated time of installation can be between 8 to 9 hours. It depends on the experience and comfort of the homeowner in performing such installations. In case of any required assistance, professionals can be hired to help you out before or even during the installation.

Tools needed:

1) Screwdriver

2) Wrench

3) Drilling machine (preferably cordless)

4) Pliers

5) Socket boards

6) Ladder

7) Safety glasses

Materials needed:

1) Tensioning system

2) Door kit

3) Door lubricant

4) Doorstop rubber

5) Cord

Installation Process

Step 1: Depending on the type of door, your door spring will be of two kinds- a torsion spring or an extension spring. Torsion springs are the new, modern spring and more stable than extension springs. You have to set the tension of the torsion spring using a tensioning system.

Step 2 : If you are replacing an existing garage door, it’s advisable to remove all old hardware before new installation. Your new door may have an automatic opening sensor with photoelectric eyes. So, make sure you remove the old sensors to avoid any confusing signals for the door.

Step 3: After the you set up the door, replace the material of the door called stop material. This is right outside the place of the old door. It is recommended to replace it with a rubber material that is available at any store in Canada. Install this new rubber stop material for the garage door installation to be completed.

The best garage door installations makes sure that the door is well aligned. This can avoid problems such as finger pinching or even worse issues like the door collapsing. During cold Canadian winters, the alignment will be crucial for maintaining temperature inside the garage area.

Garage door installations can be done by a homeowner after following the above steps. It is not mandatory to hire a professional at all and can be expensive. But the professionals are always available to help in the event that it is needed.

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