Furniture Making – A Hobby or Profession


We all have something we enjoy doing in our downtime, some like to get stuck into a good book, others prefer sports, and there are those that like to be productive. Working with their hands gives many people a sense of accomplishment, along with the creation of something unique, and if a person is talented, they can produce stunning work. Working with wood has long been a human activity, as trees were abundant, and people soon learned how to carve and shape timber into useful items, including boats.

Making furniture

Furniture making is very popular today, a person might take up woodworking for the sheer pleasure of making something, or they may feel they have a hidden talent, and are looking at cabinet making as a career choice. There are reputable woodworking schools in the UK, so you could make your own furniture in the furniture making school, with guided programs ranging from short basic courses to the advanced, cabinet-making levels.

Short programs

Typically set at seven days, a short furniture making course would be quite small, perhaps four or five students, all at the same ability level, which could be beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Tool sharpening is one of the first skills a woodworker needs to acquire, as the tools should cut through the wood, rather than be forced, Sharp tools take all the physical effort out of furniture making, so this is an essential part of the course, and it trains you to sharpen a variety of tools in a number of ways.

Career minded woodworkers

Imagine being well paid to do what you love? Well, if you are into furniture making, and become good at it, you can expect to make a handsome living, crafting beautiful items that individuals have commissioned. For the aspiring master cabinet maker, there are longer courses that go into much more depth, and gradually the woodworker acquires a skill that produces a unique piece of art every time he or she works.

Course options

For those of us that wish to immerse ourselves in woodworking as a career, there are usually courses ranging from one month to an entire year, depending on the learner’s availability and level of commitment.


Many people see stunning items of furniture and immediately think they could never replicate something so exquisite, yet you can. With the help of trained professionals, who know the skills required, and the order in which to learn them, enabling the course participants to exceed any expectations they had, and have the skills to take up furniture making as an occupation.

A productive activity

There is nothing better than hand-crafting a piece of furniture that will end up in your own home, and every time you use it, there will be a feeling of pride that you single-handedly created it. Even if you aren’t ready to take the plunge and go to an advanced level, you can still produce a few excellent furniture pieces every year, which all invariably end up at home.

Crafting wood is an art, and a form of expression for the creator, and with traditional ways fast disappearing, it is nice to see an ancient craft so popular today, with many young people learning the art of furniture making.

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