A full end to end guide in designing and building a home


Building a lovely home is a dream of many, and this is not an easy task when it comes to the finances and effort involved in accomplishing it. However, a lot of them achieve it for sure. Here, we will discuss a few major aspects of designing and building a home of your dreams.


First, have a vision

If you are one among the aspiring people who dream of a home, no surprise that you always have it in mind – the concept of a “dream home”. You will be visualising of how it looks like, flooring, ceiling, doors and windows, and even the colour of it.

Purchasing a building, on the other hand, is an easy task, but it is rare to find an exact match, which meets all your dream home concepts. So, many people custom build their home envisioned. For this, first you need to convert your dream into a design.

Designing your own home

  • Seek for inspiration – Before you run to an architect, reconsider your dreams. The initial step is not all about board feet or floor plans. It’s about how you can prepare well on best describing your dream home ideas. Get some inspirations for it.
  • Roam around – You can visit your neighbourhood and also take a walk along the street to see the other homes. When you simply roam around, don’t consider the price or practicality, just get inspired by what you see.
  • Explore some open houses – You can look at the real estate classifieds and spend a couple of weekends for attending open houses. Make note of every feature which inspire you while you visit those properties and also see what you don’t like on those.
  • Take photographs – If you have permission, try to shoot the homes you like from various angles to get more details, or to be shown to an architect later. You can also talk to the homeowners about various ideas.

Once if you have reached up to this level, try to organise your thoughts and ideas to give it a proper form. Buy a good quality graph-ruled notebook and keep it handy until your home is completed. It will help you keep the thoughts well organised and easily remembered. You can also paste photos, list the quotes, name and contact of contractors, or anything related to your project in that book.

Paint the big picture

Next, you should be more focused on what you love to build. Consider whether you prefer to live at an urban or rural area, number of bedrooms-bathrooms, expanses for kids and pets to name a few. Think whether you are okay to go with the standard construction techniques or considering sustainable new-age designs.

The most important consideration among all these is, of course, your budget.

Consult an architect

Designing and building a project requires the supervision of an expert, which is a qualified and reliable architect. Your part of design based on the dream is never complete unless you are an architectural expert by yourself. A professional architect’s role is to help you achieve your design goals in the most practical manner.

Once if the plan is finalised, you can approach a construction contractor, which most of the times, an architect may help you to find. Once after taking an estimate, you can next think of fundraising as getting long-term loans or arranging for other finances. Hand over the construction responsibility to the contractor to wait and see how your dream home is getting materialised in front of your eyes.

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