Four Tips for Organizing Your Garage Workshop


A workshop in the garage is a great place to tackle DIY projects and repair small household items. Enjoying your garage workshop is much easier when the area is neat and organized. Consider four tips for organizing the workshop in your garage.

Install a Paper Towel Holder Near Workbench

Chances are, you use a lot of paper towels when working in your workshop. To avoid having a loose roll of paper towels on your workbench, put up a paper towel dispenser on the wall nearby. So, whenever you need a paper towel, you have them close at hand.

Put a Pegboard Wall Above the Workbench

Installing a pegboard above or near your workbench allows you quick access to hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers and other tools. Plus, having a pegboard for storage means you don’t have to put all of these tools on your workbench where they may roll off and land on the floor.

Label Your Cabinets

Garage workbenches and storage cabinets seem to go together. So, it’s a good idea to label your storage cabinets so you can find the tool or other item you need at a glance. You can keep small items like screws, nuts and washers in one cabinet. Another cabinet can be for storing your cleaning solutions, sponges and brushes. Another benefit of labeling your cabinets is your family members can find what they want in your workshop without asking you.

Keep a Small Accordion File Case

If you perform repairs on appliances, put together toys or do similar tasks in your workshop, you need a place to put the instructions for these projects. An accordion file case is an excellent place to organize and store paper instructions. So, if you need to refer to the instructions or check on how to get a replacement part, you have everything you need in the accordion case.

Be sure to clean up any messes on your workbench before finishing for the day. So, the next time you sit down to work you can start with a clean environment.

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