Four Steps of Repairing Chimney


The chimney is one of the most neglected sections of the roof. Whether the chimney is a part of the kitchen or the fireplace, overlook the maintenance of this part can lead to many kinds of problems. Inspecting water stains on the bricks or the fire is important to see the signs of leakage. If you have discovered the stains of water near the chimney then the meaning led to repairing the chimney on an immediate basis. Some experts in the market can provide you the required service in real rates. The main thing of the project is diagnosing whether there is a need of repairing the chimney with simple tools or replacing the existing chimney.

It is important to follow some safety rule while investigating the chimney. Wearing footgear would help you walk on the roof with a firm grip it would not lead you to any accidents, and you would stay safe. It is also good to use a ladder and the company of a friend or a neighbor who can assist you in your work. If you think that you can collaborate with enough safety measures then you should go for inspection otherwise you can call a roofing inspection officer.

Section of Inspection:

There is the certain part of the roof that needs careful review. You need to check the base of the structure of the ceiling and the walls. Inspecting the roof in rainy season is very necessary. Make sure the material of the roof can bear your burden, and the surface is not slippery. Start inspecting the nearby vents for looking for any signs. If there would be a gap near the flashing, then it is a mark of leakage. Inspecting the flashing on this part is important as it protects the other elements of the roof.

Applying Adhesive:

Once you have found the leakage, you need to apply the proper quality of cement on the ceiling or waterproof caulking for sealing the holes. It would help in connecting the different elements of the ceiling: Shingles and chimney. If there is existing old caulking, then you can remove it quickly with the multi-tool. Remove the sealant properly as the new caulk cannot attach to the surface if not clean. Proper adherence is possible with the entire clean surface.

Inspecting Flashing:

The next step is inspecting the level of the chimney and the counter flashing underlying on the roof. You can use a crowbar for reattaching the flashing and then scrap the cement on the flashing. Now apply a new layer of cement for rescuing the old flashing on the existing one.

Properly Finishing Work:

Use a masonry caulk for covering the flashing or the joints of a chimney and then use waterproof adhesive for sealing the cap. Replacing existing damaged flashing would prevent leaks from the surface. You also have to make sure that the flashing is properly installed or not. The procedure of improving leakage from the chimney is straightforward, and you only have to follow some simple steps for fixing the problem. If you are not skilled and you do not know how to work with care, then you must hire a professional roofing contractors in Southgate Michigan. It would reduce the possibility of worsening the issue. You can hire a professional for attaching the flashing as the poor installation can lead to extensive damages or problems. While looking for the professional service provider, you have to choose a licensed and certified roofer who has enough experience of working on the chimney. Your search for excellent services would give you the comfort of shelter in the long run.


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