Five Wall Art Trends For A Modern Home


Do you have a special love for wall art pieces? Do you want to give a new and trendy look to your home? The quickest and simplest way to switch up your home décor is to add a modern framed wall art that will revamp your space entirely.

People will know many things about you through the décor as it expresses your tastes and builds a perfect atmosphere. If you are ready to head into a playful realm, the good news is we have chosen a few eloquent statement art directions. These minimalist aesthetics in art trends are affordable to decorate a modern home.

Let’s check them out. 

Line Art

The abstract and line art designs, mostly with faces, became popular at the end of 2019 following this year. Line art gives a dramatic visual statement to space, using only simple black lines on a white background.

Though this form of art looks great on cushions, towels, vases, wallpapers, they look more sophisticated on your walls. Both classic and contemporary work of art plays a vital role in these designs. The most uncomplicated look of line art gives you the freedom to experience with your interior.


The next trend in 2020 is biophilic designs, where the natural world is brought indoors. The painting helps us to calm and reduce our stress. Green color has become the most significant trend in 2020, and it is possible to embrace Biophilic design through an art piece that adorns your wall. 

Images of scenery, landscapes, flowers not only pleases your mood but also connects you to the natural environment. 

Female Figure

A female figure painting is a new obsession in the world of wall art. It also focuses on women empowerment and defines a way to tell a story by the artist. A wall of feminine art gives a woman power. 

At the same time, it romanticizes and appreciates every moment of life. The theme of female figure art is always earthy and retro-inspired. The contemporary piece of art speaks about human emotion and connection.

Maps And Locations

For your modern home, sketches and location paintings focus on interior design that is personal and sentimental to those who own it. Like the way, clothes and fashion signify who we are as people from inside, the home reflects your personality through the piece of art and depicts your experiences.

The wide range of stylish artwork representing locations, countries, or cities is a popular trend in wall art. It holds a memory of the places you went for a holiday or vacation. These art pieces not only personalize your space but also give a contemporary look to your wall.


The design of curves, circles, and arches led the show towards the end of 2019. The abstract piece of art uses the negative space to create a sensual, but a loud statement. 

The shapes and colors give a dramatic yet soft look, perfect for bringing visual stillness into the room. These pieces of art look great on a large canvas and gallery wall.

Follow these wall decor trends and transform your living spaces? Create a unique mood with your favorite art piece.

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