Five Reasons to Update Your Bathroom


If you’ve lived in your home for a while and have decided to make it look more appealing and stylish, you might want to begin with your bathroom. Usually when thinking about remodelling projects, the bathroom is the last room to be considered. You should remember that you spend a lot of time in this room each and every day, so consider the five reasons below as you decide on your next home improvement project.


Updated Plumbing

Even if the home that you have now isn’t that old, your plumbing may already be outdated. The plumbing industry is one in which changes happen rather quickly. In the last two years here in the UK the industry has been moving towards PEX instead of PVC plumbing pipes. These pipes are less likely to freeze and can be installed much easier. For example, if you are changing your traditional bathtub to a freestanding bath, ask your plumber what type of pipes he is using and opt for PEX if possible.

Updated Lighting

After checking the plumbing, turn your attention to the lighting. If yours is an old home here in the UK it might have been wired before acceptable codes were put in place. By having a licensed tradesman check your lighting you can rest assured that your wiring meets all relevant codes and that your lighting fixtures will operate properly.

Water Conservation

Old bathroom suites tend to be quite inefficient. Modern water-efficient bathroom fixtures are now available, like those at which are designed to save water with each shower, bath, or flush. Many old bathroom installations use more than thirteen litres of water per day but the newer toilets, for example, use only four to six litres each day. If you have new products installed in your bathroom you are less likely to have leaks or burst pipes.

Maximise Space

After using your bathroom space for a number of years you probably already know some changes that you would make to maximise the space that you have. Old bathroom suites are often clunky and were designed for functionality rather than appearance. Today’s products are stylish and highly practical but also designed to use your bathroom space wisely.

Home Modernisation

When you have guests come for a visit it’s important to have a modern home that provides them with the conveniences that make life more comfortable. For your own satisfaction you want your home to be a masterpiece of design, and one that exudes your own personal tastes. If you’ve remodelled other areas of your home, it only stands to reason that you should complete the rest of the job by including your bathroom in the next project. Having a modern, functional and well-designed bathroom creates a more comfortable ambiance and certainly adds to the appeal and value of your home.

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