Five modern furniture trends that are very much at the moment


Modern furniture complements a broad range of decorative styles and does not fit perfectly into one category. The price of modern furniture can be very affordable, moderate or expensive, but the great thing about this style is that it can easily be mixed and matched – a cheap, beautiful end table can sit next to a sofa, and your room will always be excellent. Some types of modern furniture become immensely fashionable, some of which you can use for inspiration the next time you redecorate or reshape your home.

Let’s see some furniture ideas we got from Honey Doers, who are known for excellent Home Improvement, bathroom remodeling and renovation service.

Cheap and chunky furniture

A recurring theme in modern design is to take styles that are old and make them new again. This is the case with the trend of using chunky flat chunks. The world of last design went crazy about this style in the 70’s, and the trend revolved around today. It is a style that screams comfortable, plush and inviting – perfect for a living room, a family room, or a bedroom. You can even incorporate chunky low chairs in your dining room to give it a warm ambience.

The modular section is a trendy piece of furniture that can fall into the low rugged category. To keep these pieces from being overwhelming, especially in small spaces, stick to a neutral pattern and colour. It is also important to invest in fabric that is of high quality and will look good throughout the years. Pay attention to the lines of low pieces, especially the arms of chairs and sofas. Go for round or curved arms if you have a room that builds more towards traditional or transitional, and stick with boxy arms if your home is largely modern or minimalist.


Minimalist furniture embraces the concept of less; it’s more. This does not mean that pieces of furniture outside of this trend may not be beautiful or decorative, but the emphasis is on achieving balance and not cluttering a space with too many extras. In the minimalist rooms, furniture is often used as a decor. You may have noticed that the price on minimalist pieces, especially large ones such as sofas and dining tables, can be very high. This is not a mistake and refers to less is more philosophy: quality is more important when you choose minimalist pieces for any space, not price.

Fortunately, it is possible to find the business on minimalist parts if you scout around, and because this look is about simplicity rather than filling a space with tons of furniture and accessories, well-made items big ticket this style is more affordable. You can shop on a large sofa and do not have to worry about buying multiple chairs, a love seat, and a lot of stuff to fill your shelves when you put together a minimalist room. The mixing and matching to this trend are perfectly acceptable and expected. Well-coordinated furniture with clean lines fit perfectly in the minimalist style.

Style of farm

If you’ve spent the entire length of time browsing popular home design blogs or decorating tips on Pinterest, you’ve seen the firm trend in action. It is about combining rustic furniture with modern furniture to create a look that is part warm and comfortable and chic party. Do not confuse the farm style with the shabby chic, however – there is no ruffles and lace involved in this trend.

Pallet furniture and parts with wooden platforms are often used in farm-style rooms, such as covered slip furniture in neutral light tones. The clustered coffee tables and barn doors that so many people hung in their homes are also outside the firm trend. DIY Aficionados love this style of furniture because upcycled and handcrafted pieces are perfect for her.

For the kitchen and dining room, the use of reclaimed wood tables is popular as the installation of the farmhouse sink par excellence, which can serve as a focal point and a heavy multitasker. Bring plenty of white pieces to pull this trend – all the wood can start to feel heavy, especially if it’s dark, so white and very light furniture is needed to ensure balance and keep a piece from feeling stuck.

Sustainable Chic

The durable style has been around for a while, and people have not defined it as sustainable. Think upcycled items, organic decoration, and Scandinavian decor. The thing that makes furniture fit into this trend is not necessarily the look, but how it was produced or produced. This is why a Nordic style sofa from an individual store may not be considered durable, while another retailer or craftsman vendor would be.

Those who are in various rooms or DIY furniture projects will be able to pull a nice permanent room together quickly, but the rest of us should only keep in mind that furniture that contributes to the health of the world, the space of life, and the people who inhabit this area are part of this trend. This is why you will very rarely see durable furniture that has plastic elements, and why those that are painted or tinted do not use and low VOC varieties.

It is a furniture trend that can make your home amazing on a small budget – thrift pieces work wonderfully in the durable design, and you can also try your hand to make your furniture. These do-it-yourself palettes and the coffee tables in clusters mentioned above that sent Pinterest into a frenzy? As long as the wood, boxes and pallets you use do not contain contaminants, chemicals or pesticides, you technically make a durable piece of furniture.


This trend has been observed in a wide range of modern furniture, from headboards to chairs and stools. Tufting channel has a very luxurious feel, and the plush look has even been used to accentuate the interior walls. Use furniture with tufts of canals when you want an old Hollywood to feel with a modern edge by mixing minimalist pieces and different fabrics. For example, a twin tufted canal bench with brown leather chairs would bring sophistication and glamour to a dining area. To avoid crushing a space with large pieces of tufted canal furniture, bring stylish decor, lighting and tables to balance things. Unlike so many other modern furniture trends.

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