Five Critical Tips For Buying A Mobile Home


Much as it is exciting, buying a new home is a daunting task for anyone, Purchasing a mobile home is no different. Mobile homes are an attractive, comfortable and yet affordable alternative to traditional houses. Despite costing much less than conventional homes, mobile homes are still a significant financial investment. For this reason, doing your homework and carefully weighing your options must precede your purchase.
All the precautions of buying any home will still apply, although the peculiarities of a mobile home require extra vigilance. Here are five suggestions that you need to consider before purchasing a mobile home. They will save you time, money and unnecessary regrets in the end.

1. Do your homework 
Any major purchase requires extensive research before forking out the hefty sums of money required. There is no shortcut to this. Research mobile homes using every available resource. Information on pricing, financing, manufacturers and home specifications can be obtained from many sources including an excellent mobile home buyers website even if you are selling a manufactured home.

Carefully consider what the needs of you and the rest of your family are, before matching them to a particular size, type, and specification of home. Doing this will prevent you from second guessing your decision down the road.

2. Look around for a good retailer 
It is critical to look around for the best mobile home retailer you can find. Remember that mobile home dealers operate in the same manner as car dealers. They use similar markups and get commissions. Selecting from a list of several retailers will ensure you get the best deal. Ask each retailer for references of previous customers and find out what experiences they had when dealing with their retailer. The customers may also offer invaluable advice especially if you are a first-time buyer of a mobile home.

3. Add up all the costs
The total cost of your mobile home will entail much more than just the purchase price of the unit itself. You will also need to factor the cost of renting or leasing a site to locate your home. Some retailers might offer a package that includes the plot. Other expenses of the mobile home include property taxes, insurance and financing charges, utilities and various service fees. Knowing all these costs will help you figure the most affordable type of mobile home for you.

4. Get the best features 
The durability of your home is important especially when it comes to mobile homes. Particular features will significantly extend the lifespan of the home and save you maintenance, repair and replacement costs in the long run. Opt for a shingled roof that extends over the edge of the house, vinyl siding, and high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Plywood floors are also a more durable choice than particleboard, which is susceptible to warping and swelling when wet. Some of these features might require an upgrade, but the extra cost will be worth it.

5. Demand a good warranty

Mobile homes come with warranties from the manufacturer, installer, appliance makers, transporter and the home retailer. Ensure that you read and understand the responsibilities of each provider as outlined in the fine print. A good warranty will protect your investment and save you money if anything happens to your home.
Finally, try to borrow as little as possible if you are financing your purchase. Interest on mobile homes is usually higher than for traditional homes, which can be costly if the principal is large. Once again, look around for the best financing deal before you commit to one.


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