An Extended Living and Business Space That Makes Use of Electric Awnings


Even in a tropical country where it often gets hot and steamy, many people like to be able to sit outside their homes and enjoy the outdoor environment and ambiance. During the worst of the tropical weather, it can be very rainy and wet on many occasions. This often ruins the experience of an extended living area outdoors and even affects small business such as cafes and street-side restaurants.

Electric Awnings

Using an Awning System to Protect Yourself

Installing a quality electric awning (กันสาดไฟฟ้า) from a company such as Ruf is a great way to extend this space in a way that is easy to use and protective. Consider the following benefits:

  • Sun: Thailand’s heat can be unbearable at times, and even though many people like to be outside for much of the year, the sun can really cause damage to the skin and eyes. Having automated awnings installed in tourist-heavy areas is especially important for attracting business traffic and providing a safe space away from the intense heat of the sun.
  • Rain: Of course, at certain times of the year, Thailand gets a lot of rain. An electric awning installed by professionals is both easy to use and provides great protection from the rain. Businesses will benefit by providing an area in which tourists and locals can escape the rainy weather in particular.
  • Aesthetic appeal: If you are interested in an automated awning for your home or business, you may be concerned about the visual aspects of the device. Ruf provides a range of premium-quality automated awnings that are sure to suit just about any décor or taste. They are modern, sleek, and stylish and will integrate well with a wide variety of buildings from domestic residences to commercial concerns. By having a great looking awning installed, you also potentially increase your “curb appeal” when it comes to street-side businesses in heavily-trafficked tourist hotspots. Increasing the potential sale value of a home or business is also a possibility when a premium awning has been installed.
  • Energy savings: In this day and age, it is important for us all to save as much money as we possibly can on electricity. The installation of a top-quality automated awning cuts down the use of electricity in the hot weather in particular because it blocks out much of the heat of the day. This saving can mean a lot for a small business trying to attract tourists on a busy Thai street where competition is cut-throat.
  • Easy to use: Finally, and most importantly for some, an automated awning system is very simple to use. It does not require a great deal of manual effort and can be operated quickly and easily even by the elderly and the infirm.

Installing a Quality Awning System

Whether you are a homeowner looking to extend usable space around your home, or a small business looking for a great way to block out the sun and heat and offer your customers the comfort they deserve, an electronically-operated awning provides many benefits!

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