Experienced Furnace Repair and Replacement


Your family and business rely on your furnace to provide warmth and comfort for your loved ones, employees and customers. Sudden loss can plunge your company or home into chaos. You can relax when you choose certified and experienced contractors to assess the problem and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Repair or Replace?

For many people, the heating system in their home remains a mystery. For an experienced contractor, this critical home component is part of what they do to keep your home warm and comfortable. Whether you have a regular, system or combination heating system, your plumber will know exactly what to do to keep your furnace running efficiently.

Perhaps you’ve noticed over time that your energy bills are rising and you are having your furnace repaired more often. Contacting Blackhallplumbing boiler service in Edinburgh can solve all of your problems.

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What Types of Replacements Are Available?

If you are looking to replace your existing system, there are a few choices available to you. Choosing a system replacement has the advantage that most of the necessary components are already built in. This is a more cost effective way to choose and is also a quicker way to put your new system in place.

A regular furnace replacement usually involves the switching out of old parts for new with an already existing system. There are more components involved with this type of installation, but in many cases the existing system can be easily upgraded with newer, more energy efficient parts.

For a complete upgrade and the highest of efficiency, you can select a combination unit. This choice eliminates the need for any water storage, saving you significantly on your heating costs. Everything necessary to deliver high pressured, hot water is all contained within the unit.

Perhaps you are looking for the latest eco-friendly solution to upgrade your current system. The addition choice of heating your water with solar power is guaranteed to save you between 50 and 70% of your water heating costs. Even if you choose not to upgrade to this type of system now, your current replacement can be prepared for a future solar upgrade. Enquire about having a twin coil hot water cylinder installed when the work is done. This will make upgrading to a solar system much more cost effective in the future.

With extensive experience and expertise in the repair and installation of all types of furnaces, you can be sure that the work performed is of the highest quality and backed by a strong warranty will keep you and your family or business comfortable for years to come.

Guaranteed Quality and Professional Service

With professional uniform clad engineers who provide their own equipment and maintain high standards of cleanliness, your will receive the best customer service in the industry. While fully trained in all current systems and practices, engineers receive regular service updates and training to keep them apprised of any changes in practice or codes to provide you with the latest service and upgrades.

Rely on industry preferred certifications that meet high standards and ensure you are working with the best contractors in the business. By ensuring quality service today, building a reputation is important to maintaining accurate service records and keeping your systems in the most efficient working order possible.

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